Who is the person on the ballot of the real?

Over the years, Brazil had several official currencies and with each government that entered, a new currency was instituted, but the great doubt of the population, in addition to knowing if the country’s economic situation would work, was who would stamp the ballot and the fashion. national. The question was often raised: Who is the woman on the Brazilian Real banknote and currency? There were rumors that Princess Isabel would be the woman on the ballot and won this space, due to her enormous achievements and improvements. In other speculations, women from the 1980s or the revolutionaries in Brazil who fought for the right to vote for women would be the ones represented on Brazilian ballots. Actress Tônia Carrero was one of the inspirations of Benedicto Rodrigues, designer of national coins, creating the effigy in 1970. Benedicto did not confirm the inspiration during his lifetime, but his relatives did. A Brazilian artist, Robson Lami, recreated in human form, the effigy of the Real banknote. The capixaba has already created the mermaid of Starbucks, Mulan and even Dollynho, Monica, Naruto and a few others. Some people soon said that she looked a lot like actress Suzana Vieira.
Brazilian banknote security zone | Photo: Banco Central What is officially known is that the name of the figure on the banknote is Marianne, baptized by French soldiers and a mixture of popular names in the 18th century, Marie and Anne. Curiosity: Effigy is the name given to the Man or Woman who are stamped on an official ballot of a country. There is no specific person called an effigy, even a public figure. As long as it is a personification of the human figure on a banknote, it is placed as an effigy name. The woman with laurels on her head and a lot of attention to the horizon is an unknown for all Brazilians, a figure that does not exist and that was just the result of an inspiration, could very well be any unknown woman from the 60s. What cannot be denied is the authenticity imposed by the Brazilian currency, since the dollar only carries the images of the former presidents of the republic. Something that is prohibited in the national constitution, a former diplomat being part of a ballot.
Dollar Bill is bigger than any Real | Photo: Exam

The real

A magical year also when Fernando Henrique Cardoso, finance Minister (now Ministry of Economy), under Franco, he instituted the Real plantransforming 2,750 cruzeiros into 1 real, revitalizing the economy, the Brazilian central bank determined the replacement of the currency throughout the national territory. In that period, Brazil managed to stabilize and control the existing inflation, this one, which still exists to this day, the Real has already been devalued, but not as much as the Cruzeiro, similar to the Dollar, Euro and Pound, the Real is still a weak currency , but it excels against Yen, Pesos and Rupees. This feat, elected FHC to the presidency of Brazil, the Real, Reais, still remains as the official currency of Brazil.
Artist created the human effigy figure | Photo: Robson Lami In several countries, the effigy or figure of the Republic is the personification of the republican regime and of the very state where that regime is in force. Generally, the image of the Republic is represented by a woman. In Brazil, this symbol is printed on all Real (First and Second Family) banknotes and also appears minted on the 1 real coin. All banknotes of the Second Family of the Real have the captions “República Federativa do Brasil” on the front and “Banco Central do Brasil” on the back. On the front, on the right side of the effigy of the Republic, there was an inscription with the phrase “God be praised”. Prohibited on new prints of Coin House in 2008. There are notes of R$2, R$5, R$10, R$20, R$50 and R$100, The BRL 200 note was launched in 2020 and by 2022 its circulation should be extinct. Disclaimer: The text presented in this column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of CriptoFácil. Also Read: My Neighbor Alice Announces Update Also Read: OpenSea Enables Credit Card NFT Purchases Also Read: WeChat Will Ban NFTs Not Regulated by the Chinese Government