Sun. Aug 14th, 2022
Vitalik Buterin Attacks Bitcoin Maximalists After Billionaire Criticizes Ethereum

A Bitcoin supporter billionaire shared that Ethereum has no ethics, being attacked by network creator Vitalik Buterin. It is worth remembering that this is not the first time that a controversy has arisen between the communities of the largest digital currencies in market value. Bitcoin was born as a technology in 2009, pioneering in allowing transactions over the internet in a decentralized way. Thus, it quickly gained recognition as a borderless digital currency, attracting the curious to its ecosystem. And Vitalik Buterin was one of those curious people who got to know bitcoin and was part of the community in its early years. However, he believed that blockchain could accommodate more use cases and envisioned a decentralized world supercomputer, eventually creating Ethereum. Although the creations have different purposes, the Ethereum community has always wanted to surpass the value of bitcoin, something that no competing project has been able to even come close to.

Vitalik Buterin Says Bitcoin Supporting Billionaire Is A Clown, Criticizing Maximalists

The bitcoin maximalist is that person who does not believe that there is a cryptocurrency market. In short, these people understand that bitcoin is the only digital currency and all others are cheap and high-risk copies for their users, altcoin projects that could die at any moment. And one of those maximalists is Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, one of the most bitcoin companies in the world. A billionaire in the United States, he has closely followed the BTC ecosystem and shows that he believes in the future of this digital currency. However, when asked about Ethereum in recent days, he said that ETH is an unethical solution, which violates the commandments of securities. That is, Saylor indicates that he sees Ethereum as an asset, similar to a stock or investment, but not as a digital currency or “super computer”. Upon seeing the Bitcoin maximalist billionaire’s comment, Vitalik Buterin did not mince his words to attack, saying that the BTC community chooses clowns as heroes.

“Why do maximalists keep choosing heroes who end up being total clowns?”

Vitalik’s speech came this past weekend, although the bitcoin community immediately disagreed with him. That’s because, who is a true maximalist has no hero and their trust is placed only in technology, not in the people of the ecosystem.

Can Ethereum Outperform Bitcoin?

The desire of Vitalik Buterin and others in his Ethereum ecosystem is certainly to surpass bitcoin in its market capitalization, making ETH the “most valuable currency”. In search of this situation, Ethereum technology is preparing to upgrade the network to a new consensus model, the Proof of Stake. The community believes that this could lead to Ethereum surpassing Bitcoin soon, although the project’s gamble has been delayed several times and never managed to be implemented.