Very fun things to build in Minecraft

One of the great attractions of Minecraft is its almost infinite possibilities in terms of construction.We can create practically anything, although what we will discuss in this article are things that are not only very fun, but will also be easy to achieve.

We cannot deny it, we are fascinated Minecraft and it is not for less, we can build things very funny in this game; To achieve this, we will need essential tools for survival and to get as far as possible.

This game allows us to face the mobs of the Nether dimension and finish it or simply play endless adventures in the Overworld. Whichever path you choose, it’s your decision and in between, we can have too much fun; especially when it comes to building things, the most attractive thing about the title.

The funniest things we can build in Minecraft

automatic farm

One of the most fun parts of the game is getting to build something that works automatically. In Minecraft, we can build different automatic farms, where we recommend using Redstone to achieve it. This useful ingredient is so much fun to work with.

thematic bases

Build house or themed bases.

Our base of operations or home is something fundamental in the game. What if we make it thematic? This means being inspired by a book, game or movie, in a franchise. Maybe we can have a house like the one in the Hobbit. In this way we will be able to have a fun base, we can find several examples and guides to create bases on YouTube.

a pirate ship

A pirate ship.

Perhaps it is more visual than useful, but we can not deny that building a kind of pirate ship is just great. Especially if we are going to create it near our home. It will look amazing and it will be so much fun.


Building a library is a lot of fun in Minecraft.

It is a classic and cannot be missing in any Minecraft game. We can create a library and decorate it with shelves, a red carpet and various other elements.

a wheel of fortune

Many Minecraft players often use wood to make a Ferris wheel. Although it is possible to add a bit of creativity by using iron bars or bottom grill. It is also possible to use vibrant designs to make it look more colorful.

underground bunker

Nothing more useful than an underground bunker.

We can create anything in Minecraft and an underground bunker sounds like something quite fun, although complex to build. They will end up being “invisible” and indestructible during the nights, a good way to stay safe, especially if we don’t have our bed yet.

A bridge

Depending on where we decide to build ourselves it can be something fun. It will allow us to easily travel through bodies of water and will help us demonstrate our ability to work with functional designs.

Roller coaster

A roller coaster is one of the most fun things we can build in Minecraft.

It sounds crazy, but it’s doable, we can make tight turns and big drops. The only bad thing is that some materials are somewhat difficult to obtain in order to achieve this.