Up to 50% commissions and daily USDT for CoinEx ambassadors

With CoinEx’s ambassador program, the global cryptocurrency trading exchange, you can earn commissions of up to 50% on USDT, the highest on the market. For opinion leaders (KOLs) who plan to earn commissions by inviting new users, choose a trading platform with a low threshold and a high commission rate is the key to greater profits. That said, which one to choose among the many existing ones? Today, let’s compare to CoinEx, Binance and KuCoin in terms of the evaluation threshold, the rules, proportion of referral commissions and the target group.

Easier assessment on CoinEx: 3 traders to invite per month

1. Binance Affiliate Program
Binance offers referral commissions through its Affiliate Program, which asks opinion leaders to register a average monthly trading volume of at least $660,000. Meanwhile, affiliates must also invite at least 5 traders to meet the evaluation criteria.
2. KuCoin Affiliate Program
In the case of KuCoin, Affiliates are required to invite 33 new users (monthly average), 7 of which should generate trading volume.
3. CoinEx Ambassador Program
Let’s check the CoinEx Ambassadors’ ranking and evaluation criteria: Ranking Trading Volume of Referred Users (Last Month) And/or The Number of Referred Users (Last Month) Referral % Silver ≥ US$500,000 or ≥ 3 40% Gold ≥ US$1,000 .000 and ≥ 3 45% Diamond ≥ US$5,000,000 or ≥ 5 50% We can say that CoinEx Ambassadors will qualify for the evaluation as long as the trading volume referred to in the previous month reaches $500,000 or 3 referred users. Once qualified, they will be able to earn 40% referral commissions. Compared to other platforms, CoinEx has the lowest requirement for referral commissions, and their Ambassadors only need to invite 3 traders per month.

Up to 50%: CoinEx offers the highest referral fee for futures trading

1. Binance
The Binance Affiliate Program divides futures trading from spot trading when calculating the trading volume by referral — the referral commission ratio for the spot Affiliate ranges from 41% to 50%, while that of the Futures Affiliate will from 30% to 40%. In other words, the Futures Affiliates can only earn referral commissions of a maximum of 40% whatever the trading volume per reference.
2. KuCoin
At KuCoin, the highest benchmark commission for spot trading and futures trading is 45%.
3. CoinEx
At CoinEx, the highest referral commission is 50%, and the total trading volume referred to covers spot, margin and futures. In other words, both spot trades and futures trades made by referred traders will be included in the total trading volume. In addition, a CoinEx Ambassador will receive 50% commissions as long as the monthly referred trading volume reaches $5 million and the number of referred traders reaches 5. Of course, CoinEx offers higher commissions for trading referred futures than Binance and KuCoin. On Binance, Futures Affiliates generally receive 30% commissions and will earn 40% when the transaction fees paid by referred futures traders reach $15,000, which indicates a referred trading volume that is approximately between $37,500,000 to US$50,000,000. Such requirements are impossible to meet for many opinion leaders. Furthermore, a KOL with the same amount of referred monthly trading volume could earn 50% commission on CoinEx, while on KuCoin the amount could only reach 45%.

CoinEx offers lifetime commissions and daily USDT payments

1. Binance
On Binance, Spot Affiliate commissions last forever, while Spot Affiliates Future Affiliates can only receive commissions on fees for 1 year generated by the same indicated trader. If an Affiliate wants to extend the validity of its futures commissions, the transaction fees paid by referred traders must reach $15,000, which indicates a referred trading volume ranging from $37,500,000 to $50,000,000.
2. KuCoin
At KuCoin, spot commissions and futures commissions last 1 year.
3. CoinEx
You CoinEx Ambassadors Receive Lifetime Commissions on fees paid by referred spot/futures traders as long as they remain Ambassadors. Furthermore, on Binance, future commissions are paid in USDT and spot commissions are paid in the corresponding cryptocurrency. CoinEx, on the other hand, pays USDT futures/spot commissions daily, preventing Ambassadors from being harmed by possible price fluctuations. It also means they can analyze their profits more directly.

No level caps or unique requirements on CoinEx

On Binance, the definition of referred traders only includes users with a VIP level not higher than VIP2. In other words, no commission will be available to opinion leaders who invite traders at a level above this. However, the CoinEx offers referral commissions on fees generated by all users, without any VIP limit. Additionally, Ambassadors do not need to observe any exclusivity contracts/requirements, which means that KOLs are not tied to the exchange and can choose to work with other platforms if they prefer.

Extra 5% Reward in 2 Consecutive Years for Appointing Ambassadors on CoinEx

In terms of internal referral, at KuCoin, once the guest becomes an affiliate, the referrer will receive a 5% commission contributed by the sub-affiliate for 1 year. Recently, CoinEx launched a new approach to internal referral – the Ambassador Nomination Program, which gives Ambassadors an extra 5% reward for 2 consecutive years, contributed by the Ambassadors who have been nominated. In comparison, CoinEx’s internal referral policy is more friendly and beneficial.

The best cryptocurrency affiliate program

From the above comparisons, we can conclude that CoinEx features the easiest reviews, the highest commission rate and the best internal referral policy. In addition, all users are considered referred traders, there are no exclusivity requirements and Opinion leaders can work with other platforms.
In addition, it will be increasingly difficult for KOLs who join Binance to earn higher referral commissions as the exchange has already captured most of the cryptocurrency market. CoinEx, a rising star in the world of cryptocurrency trading, available in 16 languages, has gained more and more recognition among crypto users through its secure and reliable system, its wide range of products and satisfying user experiences. With strong market momentum, the exchange has unlimited potential in the crypto space. Its Ambassador Program remains uncharted territory for cryptocurrency industry opinion leaders. Attracted by easier evaluations, higher commissions and more flexible mechanisms, an increasing number of KOLs are joining CoinEx as ambassadors.
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