uBlock Origin, the most popular Firefox browser addon

Ending the predominance of another content blocker, AdBlock Plus, uBlock Origin has been the most popular add-on in the Firefox browser store for a few daysThese types of programs continue to offer an efficient solution to recurring ads during browsing, contributing to the privacy and security they experience

As you well know if you are a Mozilla Firefox user for many years, one of the keys to this software has to do with its extensions and plug-ins, which allow you to customize the experience of customers easily. After a long time, now the news is that uBlock Origin has positioned itself as the most popular add-on for the Firefox browser, defeating other classics, including other blocked ones, such as AdBlock Plus.

The fact is that, as we said, for a long time the AdBlock Plus content blocker was the favorite of those people who browsed through Firefox, maintaining its fame and downloads within the Firefox add-on repository without being overshadowed, beyond from the usual good performance of uBlock Origin.

However, a few months ago we had been observing how the date between the two blocked was shrinking. Finally, just a few days ago it was another content blocker that surpassed AdBlock Plus. A) Yes, uBlock Origin ranks as the most popular Firefox browser addon.

The success of content blockers

In any case, this just goes to show the success of content blockerswhich is clear when we see that uBlock Origin crossed the 5.5 million user mark, for the 5.4 million users that AdBlock Plus has right now, both the undisputed leaders when it comes to Firefox add-ons.

UBlock Origin also outperforms AdBlock Plus in other metrics, which explain why it outperforms it in downloads. For example, uBlock Origin’s average rating is 4.8 out of 5, compared to AdBlock Plus’s 4.5 out of 5. We can also see a greater number of reviews, from 13,200 to the 8,500 of AdBlock Plus.

Privacy and security when browsing seem to continue to be one of the great demands of the public.

The history of uBlock Origin

The extension in question was first published on the Mozilla Extensions Store in April 2015. This Raymond Hill project arose as a response to his departure from the team behind uBlock, another of his creations.

Needless to say, the plugin improved over the years, adding must-have features. Among some of them we have the WebRTC block so that it does not filter IP addresses, the possibility of permanently deleting elements from web pages, JavaScript blocking, CNAME tracking, etc.

On the other hand, it is important to know that the Firefox version of uBlock Origin is considered the version that offers the best protectionsince it supports protection against CNAME tracking, which in Chrome doesn’t work.

Hill calls uBlock Origin a “broad spectrum content blocker” rather than an ad blocker. Another important difference that we can consider. Basically, that means it will block all ads, but also trackers, miners, pop-ups, malicious URLs and many other annoying.

In addition, uBlock Origin is held in high esteem by many users due to its memory and CPU effectiveness.

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