Uber is over? Discover the work from home that does not depend on the price of gasoline and has an average salary of R$ 4,274

With further increases in the price of gasoline, it is no exaggeration to say that for many drivers, the Uber is over. The company does not reflect the increases in Gasoline and inflation in fees passed on to drivers. In this way, many end up ‘paying to work’.
Those who depend on the app to get around already feel these changes when using the app. It is often difficult to find a driver willing to accept the race. Sometimes the waiting time can be up to 20 minutes. This happens because, in this scenario, the driver is forced to select the best races, canceling those that would cause losses. Uber punishes these practices but, at the same time, does not do anything to improve workers’ profits. In an interview with Money Times, the president of Association of Drivers for Applications of São Paulo (AMASP), Eduardo Lima, said that new adjustments will make the profession impossible to exist in practice. “There is nowhere else to squeeze to continue. Our struggle since 2016 is for companies to readjust tariffs in line with inflation, and that has not happened”, said Lima.

The end of Uber? Application that brought extra income to thousands of Brazilians may no longer be worth it

Uber has emerged in recent years as a salvation for many people. In a scenario of very high unemployment, ride-hailing apps bring extra income that often makes a difference for many families to be able to pay the bills.
Of course, this comes at the expense of a lot of work. It is common for Uber drivers to work more than 12 hours a day, in conditions that are not the best in the world. Sitting all the time, not eating properly, exposed to the dangers of traffic and big cities. Work also comes at the expense of time away from the family. Many go to work early in the morning or early in the morning, and only come home at night. At the end of the month, a driver who works 12 hours a day can earn, on average, from 4 to 5 thousand reais. But at the cost of a lot of work and a lot of dedicated hours.
But what if there was a home office profession that offers payments of the same level with much less effort?

Discover the work from home that can pay more than Uber

In recent years, along with the rise of transport and delivery apps, there has also been the rise of digital market.
In the same context in which people started to hitchhike through apps and order food for delivery, they also started to make all kinds of purchases through the internet. and this can be just the beginning of something much bigger.

(Source: IstoÉ Dinheiro)

There is a lack of specialized professionals to meet this demand

And just as the emergence of these apps created a demand for couriers and drivers, the growth of the digital market has also created a huge demand for specialized professionals.
And the worst (or better): as the growth of the digital market was exponential, especially in the period of the pandemic, job vacancies far exceed the amount of qualified professionals. In other words: There is a shortage of people to fill all the vacancies.
The scenario is promising, especially for the copywriter jobs. In case you didn’t know, this is the professional responsible for writing all the pieces of a sales campaign. You know when you go to see a video on YouTube and are interrupted by an ad? So, probably whoever wrote the script for this ad was a copywriter. This is one of the most difficult professionals to find, because he deals with language, an extremely sophisticated instrument. It’s not so easy to create a sales piece that uses the right words to make potential customers want to buy. It’s not easy, but it’s posssible. It takes dedication and a lot of training. If you are willing to go through this training, a ocean of possibilities can open up to you.

Copywriter has an average salary of BRL 4,274 and commissions that can reach a million; understand

As one of the scarcest professionals, vacancies usually start paying very high salaries. According to the Glassdoor platform, these professionals have an average salary of R$ 4,274.
In addition, as a professional directly involved in sales, he usually receives commissions – and this is where there is an opportunity to be, literally, millionaire with that function. To give you an idea, in one of the most extreme cases of personal enrichment with copywriting, a company employee empiricusa reference in digital marketing, came out from zero to more than 1 million reais in commissions in just 6 months in charge. That’s right you read. The employee in question started in the position in July 2021 and by the end of the year he had already accumulated more than 1 million reais in commission. This is only possible because this professional has gone through a high quality training. He learned to write persuasive texts, very compelling marketing pieces – and his texts sold the company millions. now in the day 03/17, Empiricus will open new vacancies for the same training that formed this employee. In other words, you are faced with the chance to become a copywriter, professional who can become a millionaire in a short time. I WANT THE OPPORTUNITY TO BECOME A COPYWRITER And just between us: if you drive Uber, you already have the level of dedication necessary to excel in any profession. The time has come to stop working under difficult conditions, away from your family and not getting what you deserve. As a copywriter you can work from home, with just a computer, and you can earn commissions that can easily exceed 6 figures. It’s just up to you to take the first step. for if sign up for free in the list of interested in this new class, just click on the button below. I WANT THE OPPORTUNITY TO BECOME A COPYWRITER Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. CriptoFácil is not responsible for any content, products or services mentioned in this article. Also Read: BitSampa 2022: CoinEx Will Sponsor Brazil’s Leading Crypto Event Also Read: Bitget Lists Solana-Based Zebec Protocol On Launchpad Also Read: Do You Buy Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies on Exchanges? You may be leaving money on the table; understand