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The Calloway Crypto System – Is This Legit Trading Software?

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Today, we are going to review the Calloway Crypto System and reveal if this trading software is a scam or legit.Let’s get started.

The Calloway Crypto System Reviews 2020 – Is the Calloway Crypto System an Effective Trading Software?

From the beginning, nobody knew what to make of cryptocurrencies. Nobody knew if cryptocurrencies were indeed a viable investment vehicle or simply a fad that would soon disappear. However, nowadays, it has become abundantly clear that a cryptocurrency is a legit investment instrument and has made many people quite wealthy.

  • The adoption of cryptocurrencies into the mainstream has catapulted its value, making many cryptocurrency traders very rich.
  • Some of the demand of cryptocurrencies stems from its various beneficial properties, such as increased privacy, faster transactions and lower transaction costs.
  • Another factor which has made cryptocurrencies so popular is that it is now easily accessible even for those without a lot of capital to invest.
  • Today, investors do not require thousands of dollars to invest directly in cryptocurrencies.
  • As long as one chooses a reliable and reputable broker, anybody can trade cryptocurrencies online and make significant profits.
  • Additionally, since the development of the cryptocurrency industry has really come a long way since its inception, there is a large array of effective trading software and products on the market available for the everyday individual.
  • These trading tools, aimed at helping investors analyse the markets, include automated trading bots, trade signals, various charting tools and expert advisors.
  • Not only do these trading tools help to make profitable decisions they also assist in managing risk if utilized correctly and effectively.

This review aims to take a close look at these types of trading tools offered by the Calloway Crypto System trading software, which provides automated trading signals.


The Calloway Crypto System Login

Right when you arrive at the Calloway Crypto System website, traders will be given an option to “Get Access Now” via a button on the right-hand side of the screen on the website’s homepage. The user will be asked to initially provide his or her first name, last name and email address. After pressing the button, users will be sent to another form to fill out.

  • This next short form will ask users to create a password.
  • A user can choose to utilize the website’s suggested password which will be automatically saved to his or her web browser so the user will not have to remember the password right away.
  • Alternatively, users can create his or her own password as well.
  • Also, the form asks in which country the user is located.
  • However, users should be aware that the Calloway Crypto System does not serve all jurisdictions.
  • For example, investors in the U.S. are not permitted to use the Calloway Crypto System trading platform.
  • The Calloway Crypto System dashboard displays all of the cryptocurrencies available for investors to trade.
  • The menu of cryptocurrencies is adequate and includes all of the major cryptocurrencies as one would imagine would be included.
  • With the Calloway Crypto System, despite focusing mostly on serving the cryptocurrency space, users will also notice that forex trading is also available.
  • All of the major global currency pairs are available for trading from the dashboard.
  • The dashboard also has access to the various trading and charting tools to help investors analyse the market conditions in order to properly execute a profitable trading strategy.

On the other hand, for those who do not have the time or ability to analyse the markets on his or her own, the Calloway Crypto System provides automated trading signals which will make trading decisions automatically and without effort, allowing investors to make trades without doing anything.

  • Now, all this may sound pretty good, however there are several aspects one should be aware of regarding the Calloway Crypto System before signing up and actually putting investment capital behind it.

One negative aspect of the Calloway Crypto System is that during user tests, there were several glitches which occurred during the testing period. There were several times when response times were slowed down. This can be quite problematic during particularly volatile times when markets are moving fast, and traders are required to think on their feet in order to manage risk and garner profits.

  • Additionally, the automated trading bot had varied results depending upon which trade signal one uses.
  • Some trade signals were able to be profitable at some points but then eventually started to give back all of the previous gains and usually ended in a loss in total.
  • Other trade signals were never profitable to begin with.
  • This is contrary to what is on the company’s website which claims a high percentage of winning trades. The user tests for this review suggests otherwise.

Needless to say, that ultimately, the Calloway Crypto System does not receive a stamp of approval from this review, especially with a much better alternative offered by Bitcoin Trader which offers far superior algorithmic trading signals for cryptocurrencies.


It is important to note that we are not saying that the Calloway Crypto System is a scam. It is just not the best option available in the market for automated cryptocurrency trading signals.

There really is no reason to sign up for the Calloway Crypto System, which has questionable results, when Bitcoin Trader offers algorithmic signals that have been proven to be consistently profitable during user trials. In fact, Bitcoin Trader’s trading signals have a 99.4% accuracy rate.

This means that you will easily make profits using this trading software, compared to the Calloway Crypto System which promises returns but does not always deliver.


What Does Bitcoin Trader Have to Offer?

Bitcoin Trader is an award-winning leader in the automated algorithmic cryptocurrency trading space. The company’s software allows investors to easily trade cryptocurrencies for simple and easy profits. Bitcoin Trader’s algorithms will tell traders which cryptocurrencies to buy or sell. It will also tell investors when to close a trade based upon take profit and stop-loss orders.

  • This helps traders avoid falling into the trap of being blinded by their emotions of fear and greed.
  • Traders which abandon logic and rational analysis can be blinded by their emotional responses to volatile market conditions. This usually results in bad trading decisions and significant losses to one’s account.
  • Bitcoin Trader’s automated trading signals take all of this out of the equation.
  • That is, this software is designed to automatically open and close trades for you based on the analysis of its powerful algorithm.

Once the existing trading conditions math the trading parameters that the user has set, Bitcoin Trader will make a trade, without any emotions involved. All trades are opened or closed based on pure statistics, ensuring a high level of accuracy and profitability.


Preferred Brokers

On top of being an industry leader, Bitcoin Trader is an excellent choice because it does not charge any fees. Upon signing up for Bitcoin Trader, investors will be able gain access to legit cryptocurrency brokers which have partnered with Bitcoin Trader. Some of these brokers offer all-inclusive trading platforms with the highest level of functioning without glitches or slowing down.

All their preferred brokers will also offer secure options for withdrawals and deposits. After a fairly straightforward withdrawal request procedure with Bitcoin Trader, their brokers will process the withdrawal within 48 hours or less. Many times, users will get their profits within 24 hours. Additionally, the minimum deposit of only $250 makes trading cryptocurrencies affordable for just about anybody.

In comparison, when we requested a withdrawal from the Calloway Crypto System, we had to wait for 2 months before we received our funds. This really is not acceptable in the online trading world.


Customize the Trading Parameters

At first glance, with all of the chart patterns, numbers and indicators, many people may be understandably intimidated by the idea of starting online cryptocurrency trading. However, with the right automated trading signal that fits one’s specific individual needs and investment goals, Bitcoin Trader can work for both newbies and veteran financial traders.

This is also why Bitcoin Trader provides traders with plenty of freedom to customize the platform to that best fits their trading goals and individual risk tolerance. Most users report spending around just twenty minutes every day to manage the parameters on their chosen trade signals. Bitcoin Trader is much easier to use than the Calloway Crypto System and also requires less input by the trader in order to get the automated software started.


Automated and Manual Trading

One of the most challenging aspects of trading for both newbies and experienced traders is dealing with one’s own emotions which could cause many traders to overreact to market fluctuations. This can ultimately lead to significant losses and in many instances, result in losing all of one’s invested capital.

  • However, Bitcoin Trader’s automated trading signals takes one’s emotions out of the equation which means smooth sailing for consistent and profitable trading decisions.

Upon implementing a trade signal, the Bitcoin Trader software will begin making decisions to buy and sell cryptocurrencies based upon trading parameters which have been installed into the user’s trading account. This means investors do not have to sit in front of the computer screen watching charts for hours on end.

  • Additionally, traders using Bitcoin Trader algorithms do not have to worry about missing any opportunities even in a volatile and fast-moving market. The Bitcoin Trader algorithm has a time leap of 0.01 seconds.
  • This means the algorithm is capable of completing a market analysis and automatically executing a trade before the market even begins to move.
  • No manual trader would be able to come close to that.
  • In addition, the Calloway Crypto System does not work at the same speed as Bitcoin Trader.
  • Since it takes the Calloway Crypto System longer to analyse market movements, many potentially profitable trading opportunities are often lost.

Bitcoin Trader analyses the markets at a rapid speed and with incredible accuracy. This can be especially useful for those trading on smaller time frames where the markets tend to move quickly and with significantly elevated levels of volatility.


Accurate Trading Signals

During user tests, Bitcoin Trader’s various automated trading signals were consistently profitable across the board. This means investors can sleep comfortably knowing their risk of loss has been minimized. Perhaps the best part of Bitcoin Trader’s accurate automated trading signals is that investors can, not only sleep well feeling safe about their money, they can rest assured they are literally making money while they sleep.

  • On the other hand, there may be times when a trader sees a specific opportunity and wants to jump on it.
  • This is why Bitcoin Trader allows users to switch to manual trading mode at any time.
  • With this type of flexibility and accuracy, investors using trade signals from Bitcoin Trader will be sure to never miss an opportunity to make a profitable trade.
  • When we compared the Bitcoin Trader to the Calloway Crypto System, we immediately noticed that the Calloway Crypto System has a much lower percentage of successful trades.
  • In fact, after using this software for 4 days, we had lost all of our trading capital and were not able to continue trading.

With this in mind, we recommend giving the Bitcoin Trader software a try before making a deposit with the Calloway Crypto System.

Powerful Trading Experience

Bitcoin Trader’s platform comes equipped with everything a trader needs to be successful in profiting from the fluctuations in the cryptocurrency markets. The platform offers an excellent array of technical indicators and easy-to-read price charts. This ensures traders will be able to spot all relevant chart patterns which could be used as profitable signals to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

  • This software also allows a trader to set their own trading parameters which include which assets to trade, how much to invest per trade, the risk level, the strategies to use and much more.
  • In comparison, the Calloway Crypto System does not allow you to customize all the trading parameters.
  • This software offers less flexibility as compared to the Bitcoin Trader system.
  • Also, Bitcoin Trader has a wide array of cryptocurrencies available for trading.

All of these choices are easily accessible in an intuitively designed interface which makes it easy for traders to execute trades. It is quite apparent that Bitcoin Trader has gone the extra mile to make sure the interface design is as intuitive and effective as possible.

  • Additionally, during the user tests, the Bitcoin Trader platform proved to be quite responsive without any glitches whatsoever.
  • There was minimal slippage, even with more rare currency pairs which tend to have less liquidity.
  • Even during peak market hours and with many positions open at the same time, the platform functioned remarkably well.
  • This helps to ensure that traders will be able to capitalize on quick market moves more effectively.

This can be especially essential for those trading on the smaller time frames where split-second decisions are regularly needed. As we have mentioned before, the Calloway Crypto System often has delays, preventing traders from entering or exiting trades at the desired asset price.


Responsive and Professional Customer Support

Not only is Bitcoin Trader’s trading platform responsive, its customer support team is also responsive and will go out of their way to help the platform’s users. The support team can be reached at any time via email. Upon a user test of the customer support response, the team proved to be knowledgeable of the financial markets as well as the company’s services and products.

  • In contrast, customer service for the Calloway Crypto System was quite unhelpful in providing solutions for simple issues related to their software.
  • They had a difficult time answering even the most basic questions during the user test conducted for this review.
  • One customer support agent was even rude on the phone.
  • This can be a serious concern since the Calloway Crypto System trade algorithms were riddled with glitches and slow responsiveness.

Fortunately, there is no need to deal with this type of poor customer service when investors can just switch to Bitcoin Trader, which has a far superior platform and trade signals. However, it seems like the Calloway Crypto System does not want to make it easy for investors to switch to another trade signal provider. Unfortunately, the withdrawal process for the Calloway Crypto System is cumbersome and confusing and far from straightforward.


Is the Calloway Crypto System for All Traders?

In theory the Calloway Crypto System can be used by all traders, however due to the numerous glitches and technical abnormalities during the user test for this review, it is not a good idea for inexperienced traders to use the platform. Inexperienced traders will have a difficult time explaining to the customer service team the issues they encounter while using the platform’s trade signals.

  • In fact, even experienced traders may have issues, since the customer service for the Calloway Crypto System is quite unsatisfactory.
  • When you sign up for a trading software, the goal is to make your trading activities easier.
  • In comparison, the Bitcoin Trader software is easy to use, plus it is designed so that even new traders can use the software even without any prior experience or an understanding of the markets.

In addition, experienced traders can use the Bitcoin Trader software to test their market analysis and trading strategies, so it is a win-win for both new and experienced traders.

Demo Trading Account

Both Bitcoin Trader and the Calloway Crypto System offers users the option of starting with a demo trading account. This can help make sure users are aware of how all of the platform functions work before investing real capital. The Bitcoin Trader demo walkthrough is comprehensive and gives one a clear understanding of how the dashboard works. This is a big plus as it gives a trader peace of mind before they invest their hard-earned money.



There are some testimonials from individuals claiming that they have been able to make profits from the Calloway Crypto System, however these are far and few in between. Not only did these testimonials not say for how long they remained profitable, there are many times more testimonials and online reviews claiming that the Calloway Crypto System resulted in them losing significant money.

  • In some cases, traders lost their entire trading account balance.
  • There were some reviewers who went as far as to claim the Calloway Crypto System is a scam.
  • Although this may be a bit of an exaggeration, it is understandable that some investors were flummoxed by the poor functioning of the platform.
  • This can be particularly frustrating when combined with the loss results of most of the Calloway Crypto System trade signals.

On the other hand, a simple search online will reveal many positive reviews about the Bitcoin Trader software, and it is evident that its users are earning over $1,000 every day using this intuitive and powerful software solution.


The Calloway Crypto System Review – How to Sign Up

Signing up for the Calloway Crypto System is fairly straightforward. Users will have the opportunity to start the sign-up process right from the website’s homepage. On the right side of the page, there is a sign-up form which asks users to enter their personal information. A user’s first name, last name and email will be required. After filling this information out, a user will press the “Get Access Now” button.

On the second page, users will be required to provide another set of personal information. The user will enter his or her phone number and indicate which country he or she is registering from. There are some jurisdictions which are not supported by the Calloway Crypto System.

  • For instance, those living in the United States are not allowed to register for an account with the Calloway Crypto System.
  • Bitcoin Trader has a similar sign-up process and requires the same exact personal information.
  • The process to register with Bitcoin Trader is also relatively straight forward, in fact, it might even be a little bit easier than the Calloway Crypto System.

Take the time to review both software solutions and choose one that meets your trading skills, needs and preferences.


Trading Accounts – Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader offers various ways to customize one’s account. The interface is straightforward and easy to use and allows certain features to be customized to fit each individual trader’s style and preference. Bitcoin Trader views customization as essential because not every investor thinks the same way about financial markets. Also, not every trader has the same breadth of knowledge, skill and experience.

  • This is a big plus and differs from the Calloway Crypto System which does not allow for such in-depth customisation.
  • The minimum deposit to register for an account with Bitcoin Trader is only $250 which makes it accessible to investors of all income levels.
  • Therefore, everybody has the chance to utilize Bitcoin Trader’s algorithmic trade signals in order to capitalize on movements in the cryptocurrency markets.
  • Whether a user is trading a small account or millions of dollars, he or she can rest assured that Bitcoin Trader algorithms will consistently add profits, while also keeping risk to a minimum.
  • Also, Bitcoin Trader has made it easy for investors to withdraw their profits from their accounts.
  • The withdrawal process is easy and without hassles.
  • Upon completion of the necessary forms, the broker will process the withdrawal request within the next 24 to 48 hours.
  • The funds will be transferred via the original method used to deposit the money in the first place. Additionally, there are no fees charged for processing a withdrawal request.
  • In fact, Bitcoin Trader does not charge any fees at all.

It is for these many reasons that we put the Bitcoin Trader software in first place, and we felt that in our tests of the two software solutions, the performance and success of the Bitcoin Trader far exceeded that of the Calloway Crypto System.


The Calloway Crypto System Review – The Bottom Line – Is This the Real Deal?

It is obvious that the Calloway Crypto System is an actual real trading platform which allows users to trade cryptocurrencies and Forex using algorithmic trade signals. However, it is also obvious, after user testing, that the trade signals are subpar and should probably be avoided, especially for novices.

  • Yes, the platform functions overall, despite numerous glitches and problems with responsiveness, but that is a pretty low bar for those looking to make real profits from the financial markets.

There really is no reason why anybody should think about registering with the Calloway Crypto System when Bitcoin Trader can actually deliver on what the Calloway Crypto System lacks. Bitcoin Trader offers consistently profitable trade signals on an easy-to-use trading platform.

  • It also offers a trading environment that is responsive, even in volatile market conditions.
  • Additionally, the platform remains responsive even when an account has a large number of open positions.

And to top it all off, Bitcoin Trader’s customer support team seems significantly more competent and capable of addressing user concerns than the customer support at the Calloway Crypto System. It is clear that Bitcoin Trader is the better choice of trading platform.