Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

Bitcoin Wealth Review 2020 – Is the Bitcoin Wealth Scam Real?

There is no doubt that trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has become one of the most popular ways to profit from the financial markets. With so much volatility, the trading opportunities are endless. As Bitcoin trading has grown around the world, so too have the products that boost trading accuracy and success.

  • A search online will present you with a wide choice of trading apps, trading signals, advanced analysis and much more.
  • Our job is to review each product and to uncover what it has to offer; the good, the bad and the ugly.

Today, we will focus on Bitcoin Wealth.

If you visit the Bitcoin Wealth site, you will read that it is a safe and simple high-tech software that enables anyone to trade Bitcoin profitably. You will also get the opportunity to learn more about the creator of the Bitcoin Wealth app, Max Carney.

So, let’s start reviewing this software in more detail.


The Bitcoin Wealth App

To start, Bitcoin Wealth is advertised as software which is based on the revolutionary blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Using these technologies, the app will provide high-quality trading signals which maximize profit potential, while reducing the risks of trading.

  • To top it off, all the trading takes place on a simplistic interface enabling anyone to trade Bitcoin profitably.
  • So, on first impressions, the Bitcoin Wealth app sounds like an effective tool that will help us to make money.
  • The problem, however, is that we have been reviewing products for a long time and so, as we entered the site, we immediately noticed that the Bitcoin Wealth site is simply a copy of another site called Crypto Wealth.

The fact is, we are aware that Crypto Wealth is a scam and that it was developed by the same Max Carney, so you don’t need to be a genius to work out if Bitcoin Wealth is the real deal, or just an extension of the ongoing scams that the so-called Max Carney has created.

If we stop for a moment and take a look at a legitimate trading software, such as Bitcoin Trader, you will immediately be able to compare top quality with a total scam.


How Deep Does the Bitcoin Wealth Scam Go?

Okay, so let’s try and put the obvious aside and let’s really breakdown what Bitcoin Wealth has to offer.

Award Winning App?

Bitcoin Wealth states that they have a 100% security score and that 9 out of 10 financial experts agree that their system “is the Safest Profit Generating Software of our Time.” We did extensive research and could not find any financial expert recommending Bitcoin Wealth.

In comparison, on the Bitcoin Trader website it states that they have won a number of awards for the effectiveness of their app. We did a search online and it was quickly evident that the Bitcoin Trader software is legit and highly regarded in the financial space.

Let’s move to the next feature.


Bitcoin Wealth states that their software is 100% legal and that there is no risk involved since the software never loses a trade! Okay, the fact is, you do not need to be a professional online trader to know that this is simply not true. If we all could trade and we never lost any trades and money, we would all be billionaires.

  • The financial markets are volatile and asset prices move all the time and so no algorithm in the world is able to analyze these movements 100% accurately.
  • In comparison, Bitcoin Trader is far more honest and clearly states that their software has an accuracy of over 98%.
  • While the Bitcoin Trader has a powerful algorithm that scans the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets pinpointing potentially profitable trading opportunities, some of the trades you will enter into, will end in a loss.

The benefit of the Bitcoin Trader algorithm is that it operates with a time leap of 0.01 seconds. This means that it knows even before you open a trade, in which direction an asset will move. This puts you into a very powerful position in the financial markets. To get some more insight into Bitcoin Trader and how the app works, you can watch the video on their site.



I guess the best way to review any product, is to take a look at testimonials and other user experiences.

If you visit the Bitcoin Wealth site, you will get the opportunity to read reviews from, as they state, Bitcoin Wealth users from all over the world who are making huge daily incomes. So, let us look at one of these reviews.

  • We will start with a review from Moe Zanner, who states that thanks to the Bitcoin Wealth system, he can soon leave his job.

We did a search online to get some more information about Moe Zanner and were not so surprised to find that he really does not exist. In fact, his picture can be found on a stock photography site called Thinkstock.

Let’s take a look at another testimonial, that of Matteo Ormaz, who states that within 34 minutes of using the Bitcoin Wealth software, he made money. Back to our detective work and we found out that Matteo does not really exist and he is in fact, simply a stock photo from iStock.

Need we say more?

The fact is, we tested Bitcoin Trader, and we were able to make money within a short space of time. Based on this, we know that the user testimonials are legit. Another feature that we really enjoyed while using the Bitcoin Trader software is that we were only required to put in about 20 minutes of work per day. That is, you are able to customize the software and to select your trading parameters.

  • This includes, how much you want to invest in each trade, which assets you want to trade, the risk level you want to trade at and even the strategies you would like to use.
  • Once the Bitcoin Trader found a trading opportunity that matched the trading software parameters, it would open a trade automatically, without our intervention.

Automated trading software, such as Bitcoin Trader, is excellent for anyone who does not have hours available to sit in front of their computer and analyze the markets. Another great feature of the Bitcoin Trader is that you can switch to manual mode at any time so you are able to be in full control of your trading activities.


How Does it Work?

Until now, I think it is quite easy to see that the Bitcoin Wealth app is a scam. Let us take a look at how this scam works. According to the creator of the app, Max Carney, he has mastered the art of making money through Bitcoin trading including Bitcoin, Neo, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. He states that anyone can make money since his software and strategies work for anyone.

  • He also states that once you gain access, you will get full support and he will show you how, by using blockchain technology, it’s mathematically impossible to lose and as a result, profits are easily created daily.
  • We know this simply isn’t true.
  • Any system that promises 100% accuracy and success should be ignored completely.
  • When we view the Bitcoin Trader site, it is very clear what their process is.
  • That is, you are able to sign up and activate an account free of charge. You need to provide some basic personal information, such as your full name, email address, country and contact telephone number.
  • Once your Bitcoin Trader account is activated, you will then need to make a deposit of $250 so that you have trading capital available in order to trade.
  • One of the strongest features of Bitcoin Trader is that they have partnered with the top, reliable brokers in the industry.
  • It is these brokers that give you direct access to the trading platform where the crypto trades are made.

The Bitcoin Trader software works seamlessly with all the platforms of their preferred brokers. We also liked the fact that each broker offers a wealth of other services and features, such as secure banking options, access to a comprehensive education centre, effective trading tools and professional and responsive customer support.


Don’t Get Caught in the Bitcoin Wealth Scam

Bitcoin Wealth is all about enticing people into signing up and making a deposit. They do this by promising riches and providing fakes testimonials from people who have made loads of money. They also add the element of urgency by telling you to quickly sign up before the free offer expires.

We have been watching this site for a few months now, and still no expiry!

We have been reviewing brokers, software and other services for a long time and it is sometimes easy to spot a scam and Bitcoin Wealth is one of those software that fit perfectly into the scam category.

Take the time to rather try out other automated trading software solutions such as Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Loophole and Crypto Genius where the customer service is top notch and the product works well.

Remember, that the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets offer a wide choice of lucrative trading opportunities. Don’t get caught up in a trading scam with Bitcoin Wealth. Make the smart move and use the Bitcoin Trader software to get your share of the profits.