The profession that became a fever in the Philippines arrives in Brazil paying elite ‘salary’ in dollars

Forty minutes may seem like a short time to you. But for those who practice a new profession that has become a fever in the Philippines and has recently arrived in Brazil, 40 minutes are more than enough to seek an income that only 3% of the Brazilian population can obtain today. I’m talking about income that can go from R$ 2 thousand and reach the dreamed five figures, that is, up to R$ 10 thousand monthly. The best part is that those who practice this activity don’t have to wait 1 month to start receiving their payments. They drop daily, every time it is practiced. In addition, professionals do not need college, prior experience or any other routine job market prerequisites to get started. All you need is a cell phone, at least forty minutes a day and the willingness to jump right into a very profitable new activity that could dominate Brazil in the coming months. I refer here to those who live their lives playing NFT games, known as play-to-earn. A new disruptive modality in the gaming world that, instead of just charging its users to play, pays its players to play. How do they do it? Well, instead of paying your players with in-game coins that are worthless in the real world, tasks done within the games are paid with cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged at any time for real money. And don’t think that you will have to compete in championships, be part of teams or even be a professional to have the opportunity to put your hand on that money. Just play for 40 minutes a day on your cell phone at home, on the way to work, at the supermarket or anywhere else, to be able to earn wages belonging to the “Brazilian elite”. No wonder this new activity has become a fever in the United States, Philippines and several other countries amid the pandemic. After all, nothing better than receiving in dollars (hard currency), without having to leave the house in an activity that can be done by cell phone and in less than an hour. I know this all sounds too good to be true or even silly – an activity aimed only at young people who enjoy video games. But in reality this new profession goes far beyond that. Play-to-Earn games are being largely responsible for pulling families and people of all ages out of the crisis – and not just the financial crisis. After all, the new profession allows you to be your own boss and create your own work routine. That’s what happened to Brazilian Caio Moreira, who stopped having anxiety attacks at his old job and started earning R$3,000 a week with NFT games. In a report to the Pato in TV channel, he stated that “he thought it was a pyramid scheme, something criminal”, but that, after studying the game, “it was the best decision he made”. But of course, not everything is rosy. There are two major bottlenecks for anyone looking to start making money playing this type of game. The first and biggest one is that most NFT games require generally high initial investments who will start. Caio had to sell some personal belongings to get started. Of course, the initial investment of games in most cases pays for itself in just a few days, but even so, most people who want to start end up bumping into this barrier of entry. The second biggest problem encountered by newbies is that, as it is a new and expanding market, there are several malicious projects designed to deceive players. The good news is that as this market matured, several solutions were created to inhibit these initial problems. Today, unlike Caio’s time, it is already possible to start from scratch, both in terms of knowledge and available money. How is this possible? Through the so-called “Guils”, that is, groups of players that come together to help beginners take their first steps into this new universe. Guilds have two main objectives: To subsidize the initial investment so that newbies can start playing without any kind of cost/risk; and Teaching players to play the most profitable games, avoiding what are called ‘scams’. In return, the Guild takes a portion of the player’s income until he can stand on his own two feet. It’s a win-win relationship in which the Guild manages to make money from the student’s development and the student makes money by learning to play new games without having the initial risk of having to invest their own money in a completely new universe. One of the great examples of Guilds here in Brazil is Dux Cripto. It is the largest Guild in Latin America and already has more than 9 thousand players on its Telegram channel. Among Dux’s specialties are teaching its players to avoid traps and play only the games that are really worthwhile like Axie Infinity, Star Atlas, Mir4, Genopets, Thetan-arena and 14 other games. The average ‘salaries’ that students who attend DuxCcripto classes can earn are $300, $500, $1,000, and even $2,000 a month, as the Guild’s founding partner claims.

“I’ve seen students making 300, 500, 1,000… up to 2,000 dollars a month, depending on the game, the moment and the engagement of each one – Luiz Octávio Gonçalves Neto, founder and CEO of DUX

And you may witness it sooner than you think. After all, on April 25, at 7:00 pm, specialist Paulo Camargo, in partnership with Dux, will hold a live and online class in order to teach all interested parties how it is possible to earn up to R$ 10,000 per month playing NFT games. More than that, the Guild will release the application for the Scholarships of some games. That way, those interested will be able to put the learning into practice right away and, better, without having to invest out of their own pocket. I WANT TO JOIN THE FREE CLASS TO LEARN HOW IT IS POSSIBLE TO EARN UP TO R$ 10,000 PLAYING 40 MINUTES A DAY ON PHONE

He is 22 years old and has already bought two houses working just 3 hours a day with this new activity.

As much as BRL 10,000 seems like a lot to you who don’t know this universe, the reality is that US$ 2,000 a month is even a conservative projection if we take into account what players from more mature countries in NFTs games are pocketing. If you think that participating in these free guilds is a big waste of time, know that in the Philippines, a member of the biggest guild in the world managed to buy two houses with just the amount he got playing. His name is John Aaron Ramos, he is only 22 years old and, due to the pandemic, he was forced to look for ways to earn money without depending on a traditional job – which was scarce with the closing of the markets. The solution found was play-to-earn games, which became a fever in his country. He explained that he only started as a guild in November 2020 because he didn’t have the money to start. Playing around two to three hours a day, he managed to collect enough to buy two houses. And he is not an isolated case. Here in Brazil, psychologist Valmir, father of three, also did well with play-to-earn games. He started with just R$600 in the game ‘Plants VS Undeads’ and managed to raise R$42,000. Check out an excerpt from an interview given by him to Money Times:

‘I’m known as the ‘enemy of profit’ (laughs). The only thing I put on Binance was R$600, to start investing in the games. Today, I’ve already withdrawn more than US$ 1,000, but if I’m going to take everything that’s here, it’s a good buck. It’s a very high value. I started with R$ 600 in total and, today, I have R$ 42 thousand in just one game – Valmir Junior


Find out how you can earn up to R$10,000 per month with 40 minutes of work on your cell phone

On April 25th you will be able to witness this with your own eyes, as Empiricus and DUX will hold an online and free class for those interested in learning this new modality. There you will start to learn step by step to earn up to R$ 10,000 per month playing 40 minutes a day on your cell phone. What it includes: What games to play; How to play them and, above all, How to make a lot of money in a short time with them. The class will be taught by NFT gaming expert Paulo Camargo. You pay nothing to participate, but it could change your life forever. To watch the class and understand how to have a chance to win BRL 10,000 with NFT games, just click here and leave an alarm ready for the 25th at 19:00 I WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE FREE CLASS AND LEARN HOW IT IS POSSIBLE TO WIN UP TO BRL 10,000 PLAYING 40 MINUTES A DAY ON MOBILE Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. CriptoFácil is not responsible for any content, products or services mentioned in this article. Also Read: Invest Your EOS In Global Markets And Get A Gift Of $150 Also Read: Bitget Announces Sponsorship for PGL RMR and PGL Major Antwerp 2022 country financial research