The hardest fish to find in Minecraft

Some fish are especially difficult to find in Minecraft and this is mainly due to their specificity regarding the places where they spawn, which keep them away from beginnersKnowing where you can have access to some of the fish species that are difficult to see will be very useful if for some reason you need specimens of them, so find out where they are

If you have been dedicating yourself to this title for a long time, you have probably already come across many species of fish, both in the rivers and oceans of the game. But, What are the most difficult fish to find in Minecraft? Precisely, here we want to do an exercise as a review, stopping at the species of fish that inhabit the aquatic spaces of one of the most popular sandboxes on the planet, but they are not easy to see.

It is that Minecraft players can often find many different types of fish in rivers and oceans, but not everyone can catch the three types of fish that we are going to dwell on in the following lines.

3 species of fish difficult to find in Minecraft

snow fish

Cod is one of the most popular mobs in Minecraft. However, players can sometimes have a hard time finding this animal due to the nature of its breeding range, which makes it somewhat exotic.

In consecuense, cod breed only in the following ocean biomes:

Cold oceanDeep cold oceanWarm oceanDeep warm oceanOceanDeep ocean

Unlike salmon, which breed in both oceans and rivers, cod can only be found in oceans. Therefore, unless you have developed your environment well close to the oceans, catching these cod in the early stages of the game is an extremely difficult challenge, if not impossible.


the puffer fish only breeds in a limited number of biomes, being less common than cod. You can find it in the following contexts, so you should try to run into it near them:

Warm oceanDeep warm oceanWarm ocean

The puffer fish is the only mobs that is used directly as an ingredient for potions in Minecraft.. Regarding other fish, the puffer fish can harm anyone who gets too close to it.

tropical fish

Tropical fish are some of the most beautiful fish in Minecraft, and that explains why you won’t see them often. The reason is their diversity and abundance, with different colors, sizes, patterns and types of fins.which give rise to multiple varieties of tropical fish, enough to surprise you every time you see one.

Despite the fact that there are 2,700 unique species of tropical fish, we rarely see them due to their reproductive properties in selected waters.. They spawn only in the following biomes:

Warm OceanDeep Warm OceanWarm OceanLush Cave


The above species of fish are some of the ones that can cause you more difficulties to run into them. Eventually you will, provided you spend enough time exploring the worlds of this game.

Of course, there are many others, each with its own characteristics, and it is important that you know how to take advantage of them.

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