The best apps to get more out of Gmail in 2022

Gmail is one of the most widely used email services today and has around 4 billion users worldwide.

The apps will help keep your Gmail inbox under control at all times.

Google’s proprietary email service offers extremely useful features and is constantly being updated. For a few weeks you can activate the new design of the application, now it is more complete because it allows you to make voice and video calls among other new features.

But in addition to the developments carried out by Google, the truth is that Gmail can be squeezed to the fullest with the help of apps and extensions that perfectly complement the platform.

For this article we have selected the best third-party apps of this 2022, those that are capable of offering tools that help Google users to get the most out of the service.

– Voicemail for Gmail: many times typing on a keyboard can be tricky in certain contexts. Therefore, Voicemail has the ability to write down what the person tells you. You can reply and write emails directly on the platform through dictation. Best of all, it’s a free tool that works flawlessly.

Apps for Gmail

– Boomerang Mail: offers the feature to pause Gmail inbox for a certain time. This is perfect for individuals who receive a huge amount of emails per day as it will allow them to focus on other tasks without any problem. The app can also set reminders for important emails and automatically organizes the emails that the person receives in the month.

Useful plugins for Gmail

– Evernote: it can organize emails perfectly, it offers enough security so that those relevant emails never go unread. Another quality is that you can convert emails into notes and save them in a location other than Gmail. Evernote provides the user with up to 60 MB of free download and has multiple premium plans to suit various goals.

Extensions for Gmail

– Zapper: It is a very useful application because it allows you to have your emails integrated in one place, thus preventing them from being lost or not being read. Zapier integrates Gmail threads directly into the user’s favorite messaging platform, which is great for reading emails quickly and conveniently.

Email Apps

– Email Templates: its main goal is to create elegant email designs in the easiest way possible. If the person needs to send a professionally designed email, Email Templates puts everything just a click away. There are hundreds of free templates, from birthday cards to job newsletters.

Email extensions

– Mailman: it revolves around the function of sending mass emails without complications. Mailman is a free and open source Gmail app that has the ability to make it easy to send many emails at the same time. Being open source means that the user will not have to worry about their personal data being spied on, which is a big plus point.

Useful apps for emails