Tesla, Block and Blockstream are building a ‘green’ Bitcoin mine

photovoltaicsSource: unplash.com/@flashdantz The American manufacturer of electric passenger cars – Tesla is heavily involved in the cryptocurrency industry. The company has 42,902 BTC coins in its portfolio, making it the second largest public institutional investor after MicroStrategy. It turns out that this company has established cooperation with two leading ‘players’ in the blockchain industry – Block and Blockstream. Together, they will build ‘green’ mines for Bitcoin powered by solar energy.

Tesla is working together to build a mine for BTC

The American giant producing electric passenger cars together with Block and Blockstream is preparing a facility for “ green ” Bitcoin mining. A cryptocurrency mine powered by solar energy is to be built in Texas. According to the official press release, the entire infrastructure will be prepared by the end of this year. Tesla will be responsible for the supply of photovoltaics and stationary energy storage equipment with a lithium-ion battery – Megapack. This mine is to prove that BTC mining can be carried out on a large scale in an environmentally friendly manner. Reports on the progress of the project will be made available on a regular basis. Moreover, a special page will be launched with real-time data on the facility’s performance. This ” desktop ” is to be available from any web browser 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Strong commitment to the cryptocurrency industry

Tesla’s CEO is one of the well-known entrepreneurs enthusiastic about Bitcoin. The company it manages has 42,902 BTC coins in its portfolio, according to data from the Buy Bitcoin Worldwide platform.

Despite his positive attitude towards cryptocurrencies, Elon Musk stated last year that the largest of them negatively affects the environment. However, he is not in favor of changing the consensus mechanism. This billionaire is more in favor of using zero-emission energy sources to mine BTC. In addition to Bitcoin, the Tesla co-founder is also a Dogecoin (DOGE) fan. He has tweeted about this virtual currency many times. Recently, her logo even appeared at a Cyber ​​Rodeo event organized by his company in Texas. The trader recently suggested that DOGE could also become one of the payment methods on Twitter.
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