Suspicious cryptocurrency “Beggar Finance” is created on the Binance network

A curious case that occurred in Brazil in recent days ended up becoming a meme cryptocurrency, which will be named “Beggar Finance” according to its creators. Promising to be created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, Mendigo Finance has begun to bring a community together in a group to explain details of the controversial project. All this happened after a case of a personal trainer from Planaltina who beat up a homeless person, after catching him in a possible sexual act with his wife. The case quickly traveled the internet and ended up turning trending topics by Twitter. Noting the curious situation, Brazilians rushed to create a meme coin that reflects the situation.

How will the Mendigo Finance cryptocurrency work?

Promising to launch on the Binance Smart Chain network next Sunday (20), a user created a group for those interested in investing in the Mendigo Finance cryptocurrency. According to him, it will be possible to buy the coin as alms, which will have the money reverted to the beggar who was beaten on the street and went viral in recent days. Promising a supply of 10 million tokens, with a 15% buy and sell fee, the project details what it plans to do. As it is simple to create a token and anyone can do it, the user created a fake account to publicize this scheme, using an image of the personal trainer’s wife.
Profile on social network says it will create cryptocurrency Mendigo Finance / Reproduction In addition to selling a token, the profile promised rewards to buyers, without explaining how this is possible and the sale of NFTs, both of the beggar and the couple involved in the scandal. To create the token, the group created with it, which has 30 subscribers, aims to reach 1,000 people before the possible fraud is launched.

Own person behind the idea recommends caution with cryptocurrency meme

Without identifying himself, the person who is creating the meme cryptocurrency talked to the livecoins by a fake profile called “Sandra Linda”. Seeking inspiration in the story that stopped Brazil this week, the profile claims that it will donate the amount received to the beggar who became famous on the internet. The amount supposed to be donated will be in Binance Coin (BNB) or in Real, but it is a situation that this person has not yet defined. Asked about the risks of investing in the meme token, he said that investors must “know how to trade”, indicating that the danger of putting any value on the joke belongs to each one.

“Yes, meme token. It’s speculation, so you have to know how to trade.”

Mendigo Finance token featured imageFeatured image of the Mendigo Finance token. Meme tokens are common in recent years in the cryptocurrency market, mainly associated with animals, such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, or any other situation. In any case, the use of cryptocurrency technology for jokes does not please many more serious fans, who do not agree with these creations that are commonly scams against investors. That said, it is important to study the technology and not play with money in new, suspicious and dubious projects, which can be created in minutes, but leave thousands of reais in losses to their holders.