Student kicked out of economics class after defending Bitcoin

A Brazilian woman was expelled from her accounting class in an economics course, after simply defending Bitcoin next to her professor. She narrated the unfortunate situation of censorship of the idea on her Twitter and ended up receiving the solidarity of the Bitcoin community in Brazil. An industry expert even said that she can go to the college where she studies to give a lecture on the subject, if necessary. It is worth noting that college is an environment for building ideas and Bitcoin is already a technology linked to the world stage. In Brazil, for example, it is already recognized as a good by the Federal Revenue, which has asked for the declaration of this since 2019.

Brazilian is expelled from the classroom at an economics college for defending Bitcoin

In an environment of diversity such as colleges, it is common for debates to be made to build a greater critical sense, both for students and teachers, a noble profession that carries the mission of educating for better people who pass through the environment. And of course, in an environment of building ideas, there are many who do not agree on a certain point, and a healthy debate is natural. But a Brazilian who studies Bitcoin was expelled from a class, after defending the currency to a professor who is not a fan of the technology. According to her, who did not want to identify her professor or the college where she studies to avoid retaliation, her basic accounting professor is always talking badly about Bitcoin in the classroom. And in a recent episode, she ended up giving her opinion on the matter, at which point she was banned from studying.

“Today my teacher commented that Bitcoin is useless as Pix is ​​so much better and still cool. I raised my hand and asked for the number of the law that says that Bitcoin would be illegal, since there is no crime without a previous law that defines it. I was kicked out of the room.”

The aggression for nothing ended up resonating badly on Twitter, with people supporting the expelled student for defending her point of view.

“If he kicks you out again, I’m going to give a lecture”

When seeing the situation that the student defending Bitcoin went through, the author of the book “Bitcoin: A currency in the digital age” and Austrian economist Fernando Ulrich sympathized with the report, asking which course is having professors with such a worrying position. The student preferred not to expose the professor and faculty to avoid “internet cancellations”, but said that she will continue to go to classes and express her opinion, in a clear decision to fight against the censorship of the debate on a legitimate subject. Even so, the Bitcoin enthusiast made himself available to go to this college to give a lecture on the subject, in order to explain the functioning of the system that has no comparison with the PIX, the latter which is just a centralized payment system and not a decentralized digital currency.
Fernando Ulrich, Bitcoin enthusiast and author of the book, considered giving a lecture at college /Twitter The student recalled in other comments that she always sees her teacher cite Bitcoin as an example, but in a clumsy way. It is important to remember that Bitcoin is already a subject of study in several faculties across Brazil and has even been the content of public tenders, that is, this is an isolated case of a professional who may not yet have understood the functioning of the system, since it is a new topic for many in the country.