Sencon has the right solution for those who invest in crypto assets

Crypto assets are considered by many experts to be one of the biggest innovations in the financial field in recent times. Earnings expectations are promising, which has created fertile ground for many investors. A recent report released by Chainalysis, a blochchain analysis company, revealed that global cryptocurrency adoption has grown by more than 880% in the last year. This represents more than 2,300% growth since the third quarter of 2019. Many Brazilians are already looking for information on the subject. Today, in Brazil, we have more than 10 million investors, almost double the size of B3. And this is no small feat. Under Brazilian law, crypto-assets are classified as goods of small value, as a financial asset. For this reason, they must be declared in the IR. There are three important duties for all crypto investors, which must be taken into account: ⦁ 1) Declaration: under Brazilian law, it is mandatory to declare and pay tax on gains obtained; ⦁ 2nd) Provision of information: The mere declaration of crypto assets does not generate taxation. IN n. 1,888/2019 does not create a tax, but establishes and regulates the obligation to provide information regarding operations carried out with crypto-assets; ⦁ 3rd) Payment of Tax: The payment of tax must occur whenever the gains obtained in the sale of cryptoassets exceed R$ 35 thousand. Unlike shares, it is necessary to pay income tax and no loss deduction (from 15 to 22%). These are certainly three points that cannot be neglected when it comes to bringing your accounts up to date with the IRS. Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in your investment portfolio, do you have it? Informing digital assets in the declaration is a recent requirement by the Federal Revenue. Requiring the monthly statement began in 2019, as a result of Normative Instruction No. 1,888. Capital gains obtained from trading cryptocurrencies are taxed whenever, per month, total sales exceed BRL 35,000. This profit is subject to the general capital gains rules. The following is the progressive annual taxation table:

The tax must be collected by the last business day of the month following the transaction, by means of a DARF (Code 4600).

I already invest. And now?

To help these investors with the Income Tax on crypto assets, a recent topic that is still unknown to many, Sencon created IR Cripto. This tool will generate the DARF (with interest and fine, when necessary), the reports for declaration and the real performance of your portfolio. In addition, IR Cripto has several monitoring reports of its crypto asset portfolio.

Plans that fit in your pocket

For crypto investors, Sencon has special plans. With the Crypto IR plan, for only BRL 49.90 per month, you guarantee the calculation of your IR in crypto assets and still have access to several reports from your crypto portfolio. With the Premium Crypto plan, you will have access to full advice from our team of experts for your Crypto IR. This includes the entire retroactive calculation, in addition to the Crypto Assets Annual Income Tax Return. Take a test without commitment If you are an investor, you can test our tool without commitment. We will do a FREE diagnosis of your situation with Lion. Best of all, you can test the tool and check your tax situation, even before deciding whether to take advantage of this opportunity or let it pass you by. Our system will analyze and inform you if you have any pending issues.

We have free features for you to try

Be sure to check it out. The tool has a number of free features for you to test: ⦁ Position in brokerages: it shows investors which cryptocurrencies are in their wallets, in each of the synchronized brokers; ⦁ Consolidated portfolio: shows the investor the profit or loss of each currency, comparing the value that the asset was acquired with the value of the current quotation; ⦁ Brokerage fees: the investor has access to the brokerage amount paid to each of the brokers in the months operated. It is very easy to access IR Crypto through the TC platform. We made a 25 second video to help you: Click HERE and start testing now. Discover our plans. Take a test right now. We wait for you! Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. CriptoFácil is not responsible for any content, products or services mentioned in this article. Read also: Invest your EOS in global markets and win a gift of US$ 150 Read also: 1xBit prepares 0.5 BTC prize for the Easter Bunny adventure tournament Read also: The profession that became a fever in the Philippines arrives in Brazil paying ‘ elite salary in dollar