Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

Mobile phone manufacturer, Samsung, has continued its support for cryptocurrencies by inserting crypto facilities in its latest Galaxy flagship smartphones. The new phone will come with the same crypto storage facility as the previous model.

Galaxy S20 To Come With Crypto Storage Function

Samsung has been supporting the cryptocurrency storage function on some of its smartphones. The electronics conglomerate is set to continue supporting the feature in its upcoming phone. The Korean tech giant, while unveiling its Samsung Galaxy S20 recently, announced that its security systems include a secure processor dedicated to securing your Blockchain Private Key, PIN, password, and pattern.

While the company focused more on improving the battery-life and picture-capturing capabilities of the S20, the mention of Blockchain Private Key means that the company will continue to support cryptocurrency storage facilities in its latest phone. As such, crypto private key storage will be a feature available to all the various S20 phone models to be released.

Samsung first added cryptocurrency functions to its Galaxy S10 in March 2018. The phone came with a wallet device that makes it easier for people to store cryptocurrencies on their smartphones. By July that year, Samsung launched a developer kit that enables third parties to create decentralized apps for the phone.

A few dApps have been created to cater for the Samsung phones. One such popular dApp enables people to pay for goods and services in stores that accept cryptocurrencies by scanning the merchant’s QR code.

Samsung has been working hard to ensure that its wallet becomes compatible with a wide range of cryptocurrencies. When the wallet was launched, it was only compatible with ether and ER20 tokens. However, Samsung added support for Bitcoin and Tron before the end of 2018.

While the cryptocurrency storage feature is available for the S10 range of phones, Samsung declared its intentions to provide the same function to its more budget phones. However, the company is yet to make that happen.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 range is set to go on sale on March 6, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be anticipating seeing the features available on the phone.

Samsung Isn’t the Only Blockchain Smartphone

Samsung is not the company that provides blockchain-related services to its customers. HTC is another famous smartphone manufacturer that provides cryptocurrency services to its users. HTC’s Exodus 1 was launched in 2018, and it comes with a cryptocurrency wallet to help users store digital assets like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens.

Sirin Labs is one of the first companies to enter the mobile device blockchain sector. It manufactured a full blockchain phone that is called FINNEY. This is a smartphone that is entirely blockchain-based and comes with military-grade security. The phone has been around since 2018 and is available worldwide.

Huobi, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, is another company that manufactured a blockchain smartphone after it partnered with Whole Network. The two launched the Acute Angle Node 6 phones, which comes with pre-installed blockchain-related apps that notify users of price changes of cryptocurrencies.