Run out of money to buy Bitcoin? See how to get around the problem

Many people who want to buy Bitcoin, either to try out the technology, or to keep it as a long-term reserve, end up blaming the lack of money to postpone this attitude. With the rise of Bitcoin in recent years, those who bought a measly BRL 1,000.00 may have seen their equity multiply considerably. And this sum that this Sunday (10) gives about 0.005 satoshis of bitcoin can be good savings for the future. That’s because, it is estimated that there are 0.003 BTCs for each person in the world, indicating that R$ 1 thousand today would already put you ahead of most of the population. So, even without money to invest in the biggest digital currency, some practices could help in the lack of money.

Financial objective and organization

Investing or creating a store of value in any asset is a practice that begins when the objective for such an attitude is outlined. Thus, anyone who intends to buy a certain amount of bitcoin must understand the reason and importance of this acquisition. After that, it is important financial organization to be able to reach the goal, avoiding entering unnecessary accounts and superfluous expenses. Setting goals to achieve the goals is also interesting to not leave it too far from reality. Paying late bills should be an important step in this direction, as interest charged by institutions usually hinder those who want to save.

Work for the cryptocurrency market

Another practice that can be adopted by those interested in obtaining Bitcoin is the simple fact of looking for a job in this area. With this, it may be possible to negotiate a portion of the salary, or all, with your employer, receiving in digital currencies when possible. In addition, entrepreneurship in the cryptocurrency market can be one of the most interesting tasks today, whether with content creation, programming, digital arts, among other options that have attracted attention. As it is a new market, there are many job options in companies, just be aware of the opportunities and check for a vacancy compatible with your skills and goals. Another option is to work as a freelancer in some remote work in free time, since there are platforms for gig jobs who pay in crypto. On Reddit, for example, the Jobs4Bitcoins community often posts job openings for interested parties. If it is not possible to work for this market, consider working overtime to buy Bitcoin if possible in your current service.

Sell ​​unnecessary items or accept in your trade

Part of entrepreneurship with cryptocurrencies can be the simple fact of selling unnecessary items, getting money to buy Bitcoin. Another possible fact is to sell the object directly in cryptocurrencies, since currently houses, cars and any other items are already traded in digital currencies. Creating a new product and accepting Bitcoin as payment in your commerce is also a possible and increasingly common task as a way to obtain coins without actually having to buy them.

Buy bitcoin gradually, average price is not bad

It is worth remembering that in all the steps above, just simple ideas and theoretical recommendations, it is important that interested parties study the technology and prepare to do everything without great risks, setting up a wallet to receive the coins directly in it. Even so, gradual purchases can be better in the long run than a one-time purchase, with the practice of DCA (average cost in Dollars), for example.