Revealed: cryptocurrencies that can make BRL 5,000 become up to BRL 1 million

At first they were called crazy, today millionaires. This is the story of someone who decided to invest BRL 5,000 in Bitcoin back in 2016, when the cryptocurrency was still small and unknown. A lot has happened since then and if Bitcoin was part of the periphery of the financial market in 2016, today it is stamped on the biggest windows of the main financial companies in the world. But the diffusion of Bitcoin worked as a double-edged sword. The truth is that the institutionalization of the most famous cryptocurrency in the world has made it too big and known to present returns as expressive as those of the past. On the other hand, its popularization shed light on the cryptomarket as a whole and was largely responsible for creating an entire ecosystem that today already has more than 10,000 existing cryptoassets that go far beyond Bitcoin. If you want to try to become a millionaire in 2022, don’t just invest in the most famous cryptocurrencies in the world. Explore other segments that, just like Bitcoin was back then, are still unknown but have immense profit potential. As is the case of a crypto-asset linked to the fever class of the moment, the NFTs. For those who say that lightning does not strike in the same place twice, know that the cryptocurrency AXS managed to repeat the feat of Bitcoin, but in a much shorter period of time. If Bitcoin took good years to make a few thousand reais become 1 million, cryptocurrency AXS managed to repeat this same feat in just 10 months – from January to October 2021. Many believe that investments are lottery and that these returns are just some isolated cases that very few people have caught, but that’s not true.

The new bet that can create a new generation of millionaires

Brazilian cryptocurrency analyst Vinicius Bazan bought Bitcoin in 2016. But it didn’t happen just once. In January of last year, the team now led by him indicated the purchase of a hitherto unknown cryptocurrency. It was the second chance at redemption for those who missed the opportunity that Bitcoin provided. The unknown coin also exploded and became extremely famous. Your name? AXS – or Axie Infinity. Those who followed the advice and put only 4 thousand reais in that currency saw this value turn into more than one million, one hundred and eighty thousand reais. With an appreciation of more than 29,000%. That is, these people became MILLIONAIRE investing less than 5 thousand reais. Now, both Bitcoin and AXS are giants. Of course, past returns in no way guarantee that new multiplications will occur in this market. In fact, with today’s prices, you would hardly have the chance to become a millionaire investing little money in these assets. If you’re not a millionaire yet, it’s going to be harder to do that with Bitcoin at this point. According to Bazan, your best chance of investing little money to seek big profits is in the currencies of a segment that is growing every day. NFTS. But how do you know which coins may be about to explode forming a new generation of millionaires in the crypto market? Well, as usual, some say it’s impossible to know, but not this guy. Once again, Bazan claims to have seen the signs. And for this time to be registered, he decided to put on the air a free online video where he reveals completely for free the name of your first big bet on the list that can make 5 thousand reais become up to 1 million.
I WANT TO KNOW THE NAME OF ONE OF THE 5 CRYPTOCURRENCIES THAT CAN TRANSFORM BRL 5,000 INVESTED IN UP TO 1 MILLION And if you think that all this is just small talk, know that the cryptocurrencies indicated by him are already taking off, even while Bitcoin falls. that were indicated by Bazan on the 21st have already started to rise on the first day. See the table below:

Does 1 million starting at R$2,000 in a week interest you? Already rolled in this segment

Empiricus’ team of analysts selects bullish coins in different segments. NFT is just one of them. Another sector that is also in Bazan’s wallet is embedded in a crypto ecosystem called web 3.0 If you’re not familiar with the name, don’t worry, I’ll explain what it’s all about. A few years ago, employees of large companies, such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and other giants of the technological world, came together to create a new technology with a clear objective: to decentralize the internet and take power from the hands of the so-called Big Tech. At first, it may be difficult to understand the reasons that make this so important, but when we look closely, we see that even a technology as great as the internet can still improve (a lot). For example, on Facebook, all your information such as location, work place, preferences and even your likes are your personal data. Even so, Facebook uses all the information it has about you so that other companies can reach you through targeted ads. And Zuckerberg’s company is not alone. When was the last time you commented loud and clear about a product or service near your cell phone or computer and suddenly an ad appeared on that topic on Google? It is also worth mentioning the scandal involving Facebook and the company Cambridge Analitica, accused of using the data collected on the social network to manipulate the elections in several countries. If our data can be used to manipulate even elections, then obviously it’s worth a lot of money, which is why it was hailed as the world’s new oil by Mastercard CEO Ajay Banga. The idea of ​​cryptocurrencies in this segment is to create a “new internet” where decentralization is the keyword. Where your data is safe and out of the hands of large corporations. This paves the way for the creation of decentralized companies offering better, safer and even cheaper services. Leaving theory and going to practice, the cryptoassets of this ecosystem are already delivering truly transformative profits to their investors. Only one of them, called Internet Computer (ICP), came to deliver +57,900% in just 1 week. This means that: Whoever invested one thousand reais in it had profits of more than R$580 thousand; While those who invested only R$ 2 thousand reais saw their money multiply to more than R$ 1 million in a matter of a week. In fact, this was one of Bazan’s recommendations until August 31, when the analyst recommended selling ICP. Now, he believes it’s time for other coins to follow a similar path. No one can guarantee that the result that happened in the past will happen again with other cryptocurrencies. But what Bazan and its team do is select the coins that they believe have the greatest potential in return for their followers. I WANT TO KNOW HOW TO INVEST IN THE BAZAN LIST CRYPTOCURRENCY THAT CAN TRANSFORM BRL 5,000 INVESTED IN UP TO 1 MILLION

1,000% is not close to this cryptocurrency segment

And WEB 3.0 isn’t the only one that caught Bazan’s attention. There is another segment within the cryptocurrency universe that is consistently delivering pretty big returns as well. I’m talking about the segment that grew the most in 2020, the DeFis. The promising future of these systems lies in their innovative dynamics, capable of challenging current banking standards. As DeFi is decentralized, they have no ties to banks, insurance companies or credit platforms. Everything works from individual to individual, making it more practical for people to move money through these platforms, without the need for intermediaries. In addition, they are gaining more and more strength. Just look at the increasing capital increase in decentralized structures. The injection of money into these platforms is experiencing exponential highs in the face of system improvements, which increases liquidity and, consequently, impacts the value of their tokens in the crypto market. Check out the growth of this market:
Source: Defi Pulse website
According to a study by Binance Research, last year the growth of DeFis was 2,300%, totaling one million users. The survey, which seeks to profile crypto investors, also shows that 66% of users surveyed already use DeFis services, with a large presence mainly in Southeast Asia. According to the same study, the amount invested in this segment increased from US$ 697 million at the end of 2019 to US$ 16 billion in 2020. A growth of more than 2,300%. Today, that number is over US$ 40 billion. This growth is being converted directly into investors’ pockets. After all, the assets owned by DeFis are delivering excellent returns for their investors. See the table below with the highest returns of the classes:
Source: Empiricus
Only Bake valued 18,117% and multiplied by an incredible 180 times the money invested in just 12 months. This means that to reach the million it would be enough to invest 5 thousand reais and, of course, have the patience to wait 8 months. Now, Bazan is optimistic that the last two coins on the list could follow a similar path to the most successful DeFis protocols. I WANT TO KNOW THE COINS THAT CAN TRANSFORM 5,000 reais INVESTED IN UP TO 1 MILLION

See the name of all candidate cryptocurrencies

It is impossible to know which of these cryptocurrency classes will be the big winners in the next few years, which is precisely why the experts at Empiricus suggest that you put a little money in each of them. If you want to know the wallet with the cryptocurrencies with the greatest potential to make you a millionaire, according to the projections of Empiricus experts, I suggest you learn more about Bazan’s proposal in this online video. I WANT TO SEEK MY MILLIONAIRE HERITAGE WITH CRYPTOCURRENCIES Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only, does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. CriptoFácil is not responsible for any content, products or services mentioned in this article. Read also: Clash Cards Champions: the promising NFT card game Read also: Cardano’s first IDO launch platform, Capitrade starts token sale Read also: Shib Scooby a project that promises to unite social actions, PET adoption, NGOs, NFT and Play to Earn