Sun. Aug 14th, 2022

Cryptocurrency marketplace, has returned more robust than ever just six days after it announced it would be discontinuing its services. Now Stronger Than Ever

On April 17, the cryptocurrency marketplace,, revealed that it would be shutting down its services and dissolving the company. However, six days later, the company announced that it is reconsidering its decisions following intervention from famous Bitcoin advocates who showed interest in acquiring the company.

While announcing the discontinuation of its services, it was evident that many in the crypto space were not pleased with the development.’s Eduardo Gómez stated that they had made the exceedingly difficult decision to dissolve the company and that they were grateful for their supporters who had allowed them to build products and infrastructure for the crypto community.

However, the cryptocurrency community was not pleased with the announcement made by as the company has been around since 2014. The platform allows millions of cryptocurrency enthusiasts to leverage digital currencies, like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, to purchase products on the popular e-commerce platform, Amazon. saves the customers up to 20% when they use the platform to buy goods, and several cryptocurrency proponents use their services regularly.

However, on April 23,’s representative, Eduardo Gomez, stated that the company is reconsidering its decision to close shop. Gomez noted that since they had announced their decision to cease their operations, they had received an incredible outpouring of support from the community. As a result, is now reconsidering their decision. The appeal came from several cryptocurrency proponents, including famous industry experts. Gomez stated that they had been contacted by established cryptocurrency companies, well-known Bitcoin advocates and high volume users who had expressed their interest in acquiring Lives On has now decided to continue offering its services to millions of cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world. Gomez tweeted that “Good news everybody. It looks like Purse is here to stay.”

The exact and official details are unknown at this point. However, it is clear that will survive and continue providing services. The discussion on crypto forums and social media platforms suggests that’s Roger Ver helped out.

In an official YouTube video titled “How to Beat Phil Hellmuth at Poker Using Bitcoin Cash,” Roger Ver stressed the importance of to the cryptocurrency community. Ver stated that Purse is vital for the ecosystem and therefore everything must be done to ensure they do not go anywhere. Ver also went on to state that he had been in talks with them a lot and was hoping to release some more information shortly. He assured the cryptocurrency community that is not going anywhere.

Ver is right in his assertions about the importance of to the cryptocurrency community. Although cryptocurrencies have been gaining popularity and adoption by several online and offline stores around the world, they still find it hard to get accepted by the major online marketplaces.

At the moment, online marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and the other popular ones do not accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment for their products. allows people to pay for products on Amazon using cryptocurrencies, making it easier for people to spend their digital currencies in the real world.

Platforms, like, are assisting crypto users to spend their digital currencies in the real world, without any roadblocks and they are playing a crucial role in driving the acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world. Hence, it is positive news that is staying as the crypto community will continue to enjoy its services for probably years to come.

By Dov Herman

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