Polygon network goes offline for 11 hours after update

Polygon (MATIC), the second layer network of Ethereum (ETH), received an update titled Heimdall on Thursday (10). However, this improvement caused the blockchain to go offline for 11 hours, during which no transactions were performed. According to the developers, the network went offline at 14:50 (Brasília time) on March 10th and returned to the air around 1:00 am on March 11th. Developers had warned that the arrival of Heimdall could take the network down. Fortunately, all user funds are safe and blocks are already being processed, as per Polygonscan data. The team explained the specific issues that led to the downturn in operations.

The cause of the polygon issue

The Heimdall Node is an upgrade used by one of the two layers of the network’s proven chain. Its implementation went smoothly at first. But then the developers identified a problem with the update.

We are working to identify the definitive cause, but it appears to have originated from a previous update. Apparently, the problem consists of a parameter correction of the synchronization module between the PoS bridge from Ethereum to Polygon”, the team warned.

The team also warned that “it could have been a bug” in the update. The error, in turn, had an effect on consensus and led to different Heimdall validators running on different versions of the blockchain. That is, it prevented them from reaching a two-thirds consensus to approve transactions. Without a consensus, Heimdall would inevitably stop working. It does not handle user transactions, but is used to bridge transactions related to validators. That’s why it’s important that it works without errors.

Update has been fixed

To avoid problems, the entire network was down while the developers fixed the problem. Finally, the solution came at 1am on Friday, when the team successfully released a hotfix. The hotfix restored Polygon’s network operations back to normal. But the bridge system remained deactivated and will only be reactivated with the full resolution of the error.

We appreciate your support during this period and we have an update. We’ve deployed a temporary hotfix to unlock the Bor network and resume block production on Polygon. While this solution is temporary, the team is working on implementing a long-term update to fix the issue in Heimdall.

Therefore, the on-chain transaction network remains active, but the bridge remains suspended. In the meantime, the Polygon team plans to build a solution and make Heimdall fully functional. Blockages or crashes in blockchains have been a common problem in this market. The biggest one took place at Solana (SOL), where a protocol that bridged the gap between it and ETH was hacked. In this case, there was a financial loss of more than R$ 1.5 billion. Read also: Thorchain (RUNE) jumps over 20% after new releases Read also: MATIC price targets $1.70, analyst says Also read: Justin Sun accused of ‘insider trading’ with crypto