Platform wants to pay $ 20 in cryptocurrencies to anyone who follows the crypto program of the largest financial research house in the country

One of the largest digital asset platforms in the world is willing to deposit US$20 worth of stablecoins in an account in its name after partnering with an independent financial analysis house. crypto assets has gained prominence in the financial market. On the contrary, the high performance of these assets has been highlighted in the financial market for some time. Even during this period, a digital portfolio led by an analyst from Faria Lima came to deliver +2,721% appreciation since its inception. A multiplication of 28.2 times, for those who invested in the recommendations from the wallet. Making a projection of these percentages, those who invested in this portfolio in recent years could obtain results similar to these: Those who invested R$ 100 profited R$ 2,820; Those who invested BRL 200 profited BRL 5,640; and Whoever invested BRL 500 profited BRL 14,100; Although past returns are no guarantee of future profits, there have already been several indications with great profit potential, and believe me, there are still many other assets in the cryptomarket, with indicators to deliver even greater results. In this scenario, one of the biggest platforms in the cryptoactive world decided to dare, and is willing to pay you 20 dollars into stablecoins (a class of stablecoins backed by other assets), for those who follow this digital wallet that has already increased in value by almost 3,000%.
And maybe you don’t know it yet, but there are indications that the next few months will be very promising for cryptoassets, with Bullish forecasts for Bitcoin and new assets about to jump.

The ‘Sharks’ Are Taking Advantage of Bitcoin Drops to Increase Their Positions in Digital Assets

Bitcoin has been suffering heavily from the consequences of volatility. Since reaching its all-time high in November 2021, the world’s largest cryptocurrency has lost almost 50% of its value. However, if on the one hand some investors were scared by the indices presented by the currency and retreated from the crypto-universe, on the other hand, the big “sharks” of the market are actively increasing their positions in digital assets. For you to understand, The world’s biggest investors are seeing BTC declines as a buying opportunity and they are swamping their bitcoin accounts. The chart below shows exactly the movements of the “whales”, as investors with large amounts of bitcoins are called:

The line highlighted in black is bitcoin prices. The blue represents the whales’ purchases. As you can see, they have been investing heavily in the crypto market for the past few months. In this case, they are extremely significant purchases: practically more than 1,000 Bitcoin for each whale, what do you mean over 40 million dollars in BTC. And these millionaire purchases are already causing the sector to become increasingly heated, take a look at this news:
Electrek 02/07/2022
Electrek 02/07/2022 And it’s not just big business people who are investing in cryptocurrencies. The world’s largest companies and financial institutions are also positioning themselves in this market. Even some countries are creating conditions to join the digital currency:
Exam 06/09/2021
Exam 06/09/2021

Analysts estimate that the current bullish cycle could take Bitcoin above $100K in 2022; this may be the best scenario to seek profits with cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency experts are considering a possible rally for Bitcoin in the coming months. And considering all the bullish cycles already presented by the currency, it would not be impossible to see it surpass the US$ 100 thousand or US$ 300 thousand. the cryptanalyst Vinicius Bazan, head of the cryptocurrency analysis department at Empiricus and responsible for a crypto asset portfolio that has already yielded +2,721%, tells the reason to believe in a possible rise in bitcoin. Bazan explains that there is a so-called technical term in the crypto world, called: halving. Halving is one of the most important events in the bitcoin protocol. It is a deflationary effect that reduces the amount of currency, which causes the value of bitcoin to increase. And, in every Halving has been like this, bitcoin productions decrease and a new cycle of appreciation begins. Understand what the movements of this event have already promoted: The first Halving that Bitcoin went through was in 2012, and after this event, the currency came to appreciate +8,438%. In the second, in 2016, generated +2,875% appreciation for the BTC to the next peak. We know that past returns are no guarantee of future returns, but if we analyze the scenario well, the current cycle started in the 2020 Halving. If we consider the history of this phenomenon and the impact it has on the largest cryptocurrency in the world, we still have good bullish prospects for the crypto market. And according to Bazan, with all the institutional movements presented in the market, Bitcoin has the potential to deliver exponential valuations even in 2022. And you may have the chance to take advantage of this moment to seek expressive profits in the cryptomarket. I WANT TO KNOW HOW TO REDEEM THE US$ 20 DOLLARS IN CRYPTOCURRENCY AND SEEK PROFITS WITH THE POSSIBLE RISE OF BITCOIN

CRYPTO.COM wants to deposit $20 worth of cryptocurrencies into an account in your name

In this scenario,, one of the largest platforms for buying and selling crypto assetswants to deposit the equivalent of $20 of cryptocurrency USDC (dollar-pegged stablecoin) in an account on behalf of whoever participates in an action. The project is a partnership with Empiricus, the largest independent financial analysis house in Brazil, with the aim of enabling new investors to expose themselves to the upside potential of bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. That is, the indications of the coins with the greatest potential will be made by Empiricus. If you look closely, you can only gain, after all, we are talking about two very relevant companies in the financial market. is one of the world’s largest platforms for digital assets, and is seeking to accelerate the worldwide transition to the use of cryptocurrencies, with Brazil as one of its priorities. And following the same line, Empiricus is the largest independent house in the country in financial analysis, with more than 450 thousand subscribers, and you want to take your content and your best investment advice to more people. Did you realize the profit potential in this relationship? These two companies together aim to increase their investor bases, giving them the best indications in the market. Let’s be very transparent, $20 dollars in cryptocurrencies for these companies it’s not much. But for the individual investor it is more than enough to expose himself to a highly profitable market. I WANT TO REDEEM THE $20 USD IN CRYPTOCURRENCY CRYPTO.COM IS OFFERING

Learn how to redeem the amount and start investing

To request the redemption of the bonus, you only need to take two steps: the first is to follow Vinicius Bazan’s instructions, subscribing to his digital wallet, which has already achieved high levels of appreciation. And the second is to open your account for free on, the platform where the money will be deposited. Right there you can start making your investments and seek exponential returns, with everything Bazan will give you along this journey. For you to understand more about this partnership and all the advantages you can have by participating in it, I suggest you watch the video by analyst Vinicius Bazan, where he himself will give you the coordinates to seek high returns with cryptoassets: I WANT TO KNOW HOW TO FIND PROFITS EXPONENTIAL AND WIN $20 IN CRYPTOCURRENCY Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only, does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. CriptoFácil is not responsible for any content, products or services mentioned in this article. Also Read: Seedify Launches Innovative Seed Staking Feature Also Read: Bitget Announces Sponsorship for PGL RMR and PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Also Read: Broker Will Distribute $20 Cryptocurrency Bonus; learn how to participate