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PF seizes cryptocurrencies from illegal migration gang to the US

PF seized branded watches in Operation Relicta Mori

The PF seized several cryptocurrencies from a gang that practiced the crime of illegal migration, with a focus on Mexico and the United States. This was another operation by the Federal Police of Brazil in 2022 that came across digital currencies. In recent days, a statement from the Federal Police indicated that there were preparations for new operations against cryptocurrency scams, without making it clear what business these would be against. It is worth remembering that the PF has been trained on the subject and supports several operations. An FBI and CIA action in Brazil trained Federal Police agents on bitcoin, in an international cooperation on the subject.

PF seizes cryptocurrencies from gang that made illegal migration crimes possible

Last Tuesday (21), the Federal Police of Brazil in Minas Gerais went to Governador Valadares. This action was in compliance with warrants related to the Operation Relicta Mori, which in Latin means “Left to Die”. The action took place throughout the region, seeking to combat an organization that made possible the so-called crimes of promoting illegal migration. In all, four search and seizure warrants and two more preventive arrest against suspects were issued by the Federal Court of Governador Valadares. All orders were carried out, resulting in the arrest of two people. From the gang’s values, the PF stated that it seized cryptocurrencies that were used as a way to hide illicitly obtained values. The federal police do not disclose details of how they identify the possession of these assets in suspects and make their seizure. In addition, there was a determination to block financial assets, seize various vehicles, properties and cash values.
PF seized branded watches in Operation Relicta Mori.

Denunciation of family members of deceased emigrant led to investigations

According to information released by the PF, the investigation began after family members of an emigrant died in 2021, when he was trying to cross the border illegally from Mexico to the United States. With the investigation of the case, the investigated proved to be responsible for the failed attempt of illegal crossing. With the help of this gang, about 200 people managed to migrate illegally to the United States.
PF seized electronic devices in Operation Relicta Mori. FEDERAL POLICE.
PF in Operation Relicta Mori. Disclosure. In order to carry out the action, the criminal organization uses babies and adolescents, in a method known as “cai-cai”. Thus, families with young children turn themselves in to US authorities after crossing the borders, knowing that they will respond in freedom, since children cannot be left alone. This crime also involves the increase in the case of international kidnapping of children, who are rented by so-called coyotes so that unaccompanied adults can enter the United States, with great risk for minors. Arrested by the PF, the suspects will answer for the crime of human trafficking and murder, and face up to 26 years in prison.

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