Pepita Token holds first AMA in the metaverse

Recently, a utility token project focused on the minerals market, held the first AMA in Latin America in the metaverse. The company behind Pepita (PEPITA), held this virtual meeting on March 31st. However, that event was just the opening of a 16-episode series. According to the developers, the main objective of the AMAs will be to answer questions and clarify the investor community interested in the Pepita Token project. The events caught the attention of the crypto community, especially due to the fact that, instead of following the traditional AMAs, the project decided to create a unique event, within its metaverse. The meetings are attended by the project founders and expert guests.

But… What is Pepita?

Pepita is a utility token with the objective of uniting traditional mining commodity trading markets with the potential of the decentralized financial system. By tokenizing the assets of some mining companies in the market, Pepita unites this sector with blockchain technology, which brings greater transparency to operations, since the record of transactions can easily be observed and audited by anyone who is interested. Pepita is a cross chain utility token, being available in the ERC-20 standard, native to the Ethereum network, and also in the standard, of the BNB Chain network. Soon, the project will also be available for the Solana, Tezos and Tron blockchain platforms. The project’s 28,800,000 total tokens will enter the market in annual batches until 2040. In addition, through tokenization, the asset can be transacted from person to person at any time around the world, facilitating the exchange of values ​​through global markets. The utility token will also allow people and institutions to use Pepita as a “credit guarantee”, as the project’s official website highlights. Also according to the official address, Pepita would work as a credit guarantee:

“People will be able to use the Nuggets as a credit guarantee for an asset that is constantly moving in the commodities market. In Import/Export transactions, this service aims to provide a smart contract between companies to close a safe operation, whether in the advance of a payment, for the settlement of an invoice or even to pay its intermediaries.”

The project also has a Bug Bounty program, very common in the information security market. Through it, developers who find bugs or flaws in the protocol can receive rewards. This program prevents vulnerabilities from being exploited by malicious actors. According to data from the Brazilian Mining Institute, in the national market alone, the mining sector is responsible for about 5% of the national GDP (Gross Domestic Product), being one of the few markets to benefit from global inflation, with several commodities jumping in price in the last two years. Gold, as well as other ores, has been shown to be a good store of value throughout history. The yellow metal, which has been humanity’s main financial asset for the last five thousand years, now has a market capitalization estimated at around US$10 trillion.

How to participate in the AMAs?

To find out when the next AMAs will be held, follow the utility token’s official profile on instagram @pepitaglobal. Questions can be submitted in the Instagram Stories question box, which will open a few hours before each AMA. In addition, questions can also be sent through the form available on the project’s Telegram, and through the YouTube comment box, which will be open while the event is being broadcast. Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. CriptoFácil is not responsible for any content, products or services mentioned in this article. Also read: CoinEx makes success with crypto community at BitSampa 2022 Also read: HOSKINSEA: biggest NFT market in Cardano launches private sale of HSK token Also read: broker to distribute cryptocurrency bonuses; see how to participate