Outer Ring’s IDO raises 1.6 million USDT in 24 hours

Outer Ring MMO has completed its fourth investment round by raising 1.6 million USDT in a record Dex IPO. Its token, GQ, took off after TGE on PancakeSwap, having +15M$ in volume in the first 24 hours. This Play-to-Earn sci-fi video game has been in development since 2018 and plans to launch its Alpha Game in June 2022. The high anticipation surrounding the game allowed them to raise 6M USDT in private equity and 6M USDT in token allocation, after 3 years of internal investment in its core business, NexxyoLabs. To carry out its IDO phase, the Outer Ring MMO, closed partnerships with 11 launchpads: Metavpad, Gamezone, Bscpad, Seedify, InfinityPad, DaoStarter, Kommunitas, Brandpad, Gamespad and Safelaunch. A total of 400,000,000 Galactic Quadrants (GQ), the game’s governance token, was launched on the market at a price of 0.004 USDT and 10 months of linear vest.

Arrival at the market

Shortly after the Initial Dex Offering on March 2nd and 3rd, the Outer Ring MMO opened its token generation event on PanckeSwap. For this, 500,000 USDT was provided to create a liquidity pool with 250,000 USDT and 50M GQs, priced at 0.005 UDST. Allowing currency trading on the market at an Initial Market Value of 1,050,000 UDST. Expectations were high and the community heeded the call. The pair rallied to a maximum price of $0.0255 and positioned first on the DEXTools BSC tracker. To encourage the use of the token, the Outer Ring has a Staking Platform integrated into its website that will allow holders to earn tokenized materials and SCK (Space Corsairs Keys) vital to succeed within their universe.

What to expect from the mmo Outer Ring

Outer Ring MMO is a science fiction game with an open universe and vast knowledge that allows an immersive and social experience for its players. The metaverse has its own player-oriented economy where users interact with NFTs and tokenized assets with no barriers to entry. Its ecosystem is governed by Galactic Quadrants and Exo Credits. These tokens will allow the economy generated online to be transported to the real world, allowing brands to offer products and services within normal gameplay. After the successful launch of the token and the creation of a staking platform, the Outer Ring MMO roadmap is completely focused on allowing players to enter the space battle fully armored. In the months leading up to Alpha Game, users will be able to acquire lootboxes containing assets such as weapons, materials, spaceships or even the NFTs needed to form clans. For now, the Outer Ring MMO is working with its partners to start integrating non-cryptographic audiences from the game and brands into its metaverse. Some well-known companies in space such as Dextools, Bluezilla or Metabrands have already built spaces in the game. On the other hand, the acceptance of the international gamer community has been positive, being able to close deals with eSports teams, renowned streamers and gamer guilds. A vitally important requirement to bring mainstream games into the Play-to-Earn ecosystem. For more information visit: Website: https://outerringmmo.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Outer-Ring-MMO-111124460754710
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OuterRingMMO
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/outeringmmo/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/OuterRingMMO
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