Ontega broker: practicality and profit in online investments

In an increasingly digital world, investments have also become digital. Ontega is a platform that promises to win over new and investment veterans. Look! The global economy has shifted consumption patterns in recent years to an increasingly digitized form. This trend, which was already expected, has changed the way people shop, schedule services, and payment methods have become more digital. In the investment world, digitalization has already been rehearsing its growth for some years. Cryptocurrencies had a jump of more than 400% in the last year, winning the favor of Brazilian investors. The practicality of online investments won over many new investors, as well as making experienced investors diversify their investment portfolio with cryptocurrencies. But, to invest digitally safely and in a practical way, it is necessary to count on the help of a broker, a trading platform that will provide all the necessary assistance so that your investments generate positive results.

Trading platform for experts and beginners

Ontega is an online trading platform that offers all the necessary resources for users who make investments to have a financial return. It involves diversified investments, including stock market and cryptocurrencies. With an intuitive interface, mixing typical financial market jargon, with more accessible and direct language, Ontega broker stands out from other platforms for offering a faster way to obtain return on investments.

Yesterday: how does it work?

As much as it carries out negotiations all over the world, there is a division aimed only at the Brazilian investing public, Ontega Brasil. See how the platform works and if Ontega is reliable to make your investments!

1. Different types of accounts

There are 4 types of accounts for investors on the Ontega Platform: Beginner account: account with a free course, technical customer support, initial deposit of at least US$ 5, with a welcome bonus of US$ 25; Operator account: aimed at people who already have some familiarity with investments and the initial deposit of U$ 50. It has more specific studies and also has a registration bonus of U$ 25; Advanced account: initial deposit of $200, advanced tools, personalized instructor and staff. In addition, email and telephone support, as well as higher value bonuses on registration; VIP account: features a minimum deposit of $1000, advanced trading tools, priority VIP support and account manager, plus high value VIP bonuses.

2. Web PROfit and Mobile PROfit

One of Ontega’s differentials is an intuitive interface to attract from beginners and further optimize investment processes. Therefore, Ontega does not have a software to install, Web PROfit works entirely on the web, working perfectly on computers and mobile devices. In addition, it has a special version for Mobile PROfit mobile devices. Advanced and practical interface, aimed at smartphones and tablets, containing the necessary and optimized resources for investments, in addition to VIP support and personal training. No matter which platform you choose, there are courses and training available to leverage your investments and increasingly understand Ontega’s differentiating resources.

3. Trading Conditions

Users have the timetables of the financial markets to carry out trades, which may differ according to each country. Generally, the markets are open from Monday to Friday to receive trades. One of the differentials of this platform is the reduced minimum initial deposit, which attracts new investors. These take advantage of the ease and practicality of the interface, the free courses available, to enter the world of digital investments and earn profits. Ontega has a margin settlement feature, which prevents the investor from having a loss greater than their initial deposit, suspending all trades automatically when the digital wallet balance reaches zero. There are some rules regarding user account inactivity, with actions taken after 45 days of inactivity. In case of inactive accounts for more than 3 months, fines will be applied.

Investors’ opinions

Many new investors wonder if a platform as practical as Ontega is reliable, and many advanced investors and professional traders offer their opinion on the Ontega online broker. Among the opinions, we highlight the ease and practicality of trading on Ontega with the presence of several advanced tools. In addition, it is an environment that facilitates the visualization of the progress of the negotiations, making it easier to understand the strategy that must be taken for a positive result in the negotiations.


Ontega is a platform that attracts both beginners and experienced investors, as it offers a practical interface and courses on how to make their investments. In addition, it has advanced features that can leverage and maximize profits. When researching Ontega user reviews, you can see that many are satisfied. So, now you know more about Ontega, how it works and the opinion of investors. Count on the online broker Ontega! Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. CriptoFácil is not responsible for any content, products or services mentioned in this article. Also read: Carnival Promo: 10% Deposit Bonus + Ledger Nano X and more prizes! Also read: Sencon has the right solution for those who invest in crypto-assets