NBP exchange rates. The dollar and the pound up. The zloty loses on Wednesday, April 13, 2022.

NBP exchange rates.  The dollar and the pound up.  The zloty loses on Wednesday, April 13, 2022.On Wednesday, April 13, 2022, after 11:55 am, the exchange rates of the National Bank of Poland (NBP) are as follows: US dollar (USD / PLN) costs PLN 4.2866, euro (EUR / PLN) PLN 4.6431, franc Swiss (CHF / PLN) 4.5941 PLN, and pound sterling (GBP / PLN) 5.5764 PLN. Polish zloty limits volatility. PLN tries to stabilize The euro rate drops to 4.64 PLN. The dollar stuck close to PLN 4.28 The Swiss Franc is fighting to return to PLN 4.59. The pound sterling appreciates above PLN 5.57

The Wednesday NBP exchange rates for the main pairs with the zloty are presented below:

Currency pair Symbol Exchange rate Date of update USD / PLN exchange rate PLN 4.2623 04/13/2022 at 11:55 AM EUR / PLN exchange rate PLN 4.6469 04/13/2022 at 11:55 AM GBP / PLN exchange rate PLN 5.5523 April 13, 2022, 11:55 a.m. CHF / PLN exchange rate PLN 4.5642

NBP exchange rates on Wednesday How much are the dollar, pound, euro and franc, April 13, 2022?

The Polish zloty is making an attempt to stabilize today and limit volatility. At noon, the zloty symbolically strengthens against the basket of currencies by 0.01%, the markets are still waiting for the data on inflation of individual economies to arrive.
The zloty exchange rate against a basket of currenciesZloty exchange rate against the basket of currencies The euro exchange rate against the zloty gains 0.09% at noon, setting daily highs at PLN 4.6471, and lows at PLN 4.6337. The euro is recovering from yesterday’s losses, trying to return above PLN 4.64. Markets do not expect much from Thursday’s meeting of the European Central Bank, and investors are pessimistic about Putin’s announcements that negotiations have stalled. The US dollar exchange rate is rising by 0.06% at the same time. The daily highs are at PLN 4.2919, and the minimums at PLN 4.2730. USD / PLN is systematically recovering from the decline from the end of March, but today we see an attempt to stabilize. Over the past few days, the dollar has been trying to return above PLN 4.30, which may be supported by rising global unrest. The franc exchange rate gains 0.03% at noon, testing the level of PLN 4.6044 (the minimum on Wednesday is PLN 4.5847). The Swiss currency returned above PLN 4.56, and along with the fear of further escalation of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, the franc has settled above PLN 4.58, as expected. Today CHF / PLN is continuing its move to the north, trying to approach the resistance at PLN 4.60. The pound was gaining 0.09% today. Daily highs are at the level of PLN 5.5792 and the minimums at PLN 5.5573. The British currency halted its decline above PLN 5.56 and is currently stabilizing above PLN 5.57.

How much are the euro, dollar, pound and franc: the full NBP currency table

Currency name Currency code Average exchange rate Baht (Thailand) 1 THB 0.1279 US dollar 1 USD 4.2872 Australian dollar 1 AUD 3.1843 Hong Kong dollar 1 HKD 0.5469 Canadian dollar 1 CAD 3.3909 New Zealand dollar 1 NZD 2.9098 Singapore dollar 1 SGD 3.1434 euro 1 EUR 4.6460 forint (Hungary) 100 HUF 1.2288 Swiss franc 1 CHF 4.6016 pound sterling 1 GBP 5.5761 hryvnia (Ukraine) *) 1 UAH 0.1467 yen (Japan ) 100 JPY 3.4014 Czech koruna 1 CZK 0.1901 Danish krone 1 DKK 0.6246 Icelandic krone 100 ISK 3.3281 Norwegian krone 1 NOK 0.4869 Swedish krona 1 SEK 0.4498 kuna (Croatia) 1 HRK 0.6150 Romanian leu 1 RON 0.9401 lev (Bulgaria) 1 BGN 2.3754 Turkish lira 1 TRY 0.2939 Israeli new shekel 1 ILS 1.3392 Chilean peso 100 CLP 0.5319 Philippine peso 1 PHP 0.0823 Mexican peso 1 MXN 0 , 2172 rand (South Africa) 1 ZAR 0.2966 real (Brazil) 1 BRL 0.9171 ringgit (Malaysia) 1 MYR 1.0134 Indonesian rupee 10,000 IDR 2.9849 Indian rupee 100 INR 5.6273 South Korean won 1 00 KRW 0.3495 yuan renminbi (China) 1 CNY 0.6733 SDR (IMF) 1 XDR 5.8556 Source: NBP. It should be noted that the above exchange rates were released on Wednesday and will be valid until Thursday noon, when the central bank presents its updated table. Takowa usually shows up around 11:45 am-12:15 pm. Follow us on Google News. Search what is important and stay up to date with the market! Watch us >>