Moonlit agreed the terms of a loan from the publisher of Model Builder, convened the EGM

Moonlit agreed the terms of a loan from the publisher of Model Builder, convened the EGMWarsaw, April 21, 2022 (ISBnews) – Moonlit has set the preliminary terms of the bridge financing in the amount of PLN 120,000. GBP, which may be lent to the company by the publisher of the game “Model Builder” – the company Green Man Gaming, said Moonlit. The loan can be converted (if it is not repaid on time) into the company’s shares, therefore Moonlit convened an extraordinary general meeting on May 18 to introduce the possibility of increasing the share capital within the authorized capital by up to PLN 55,000. zloty. “The company’s willingness to obtain bridge financing results from the longer than planned production of the ‘Model Builder’ game, settlement periods with the Steam platform and work on further development ideas. At the same time, the management board points out that the investment made by the lender in the game ‘Model Builder’ is expected to be repaid in the near future, which will cause the company to start receiving revenues from the sale of the game. Obtaining bridge financing will allow the company to run uninterrupted operations until then, ”reads the release. The agreement provides for the possibility of granting the company a loan of up to PLN 120 thousand. GBP, with the option of converting the debt into company shares in the event of non-repayment of the loan after its maturity. The agreement does not provide for interest on the loan. The maturity date of the loan will be March 31, 2023. The signing of the agreement is not tantamount to signing the loan agreement, the final terms of which will be subject to further arrangements, reserved. In a separate communiqué, Moonlit informed about the convening of the EGM on May 18 this year. Draft resolutions for the general meeting provide for “amendments to the company’s articles of association and granting the management board the authorization to increase the share capital within the limits of the target capital by no more than PLN 55,000.1, providing for the management board’s right to deprive shareholders of the right to subscribe for shares in whole or in part”. “The Management Board is not planning to issue shares, but the negotiations in progress require securing financing from the publisher in the form of the possibility of issuing shares in the event of the inability to pay off the liabilities. For this occasion, we plan to convene an extraordinary general meeting, at which the authorized capital would be introduced, which would be a tool to secure the repayment of the liability, ”said President Michał Gardeła, quoted in the communiqué. Moonlit also announced that the total sales volume of the game “Model Builder” amounted to 43,726 units through April 20, 2022, hours. 5:00 p.m.

The total number of purchases from the wishlist (on Steam) is 18,793 items. Player rating on Steam: 78% based on 673 reviews. The company’s sales reports include gross sales. According to Steam platform policy, buyers can withdraw from the purchase within 14 days or after testing the game for less than 2 hours (whichever comes first). Number of copies returned by April 20, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. is 8,164 pieces, also reported. “The premiere of the game was just an introduction to further, hard work aimed at reaching the recipients of our production. All our efforts are now aimed at building a customer base to whom we will later be able to target paid DLC. It is the so-called market saturation strategy ”- commented the president. “We have an intriguing plan to further develop our brand. We are talking about further potential cooperation. When analyzing the current sales of ‘Model Builder’, we assume that we will soon achieve profitability for the company, and at the same time we want to secure the possibility of implementing further ideas for a second game ”- added Gardeła. Model Builder debuted on February 8 this year. The game is priced at $ 19.99, Euro 16.79, £ 14.99 and CNY 70 (Chinese Yuan). Moonlit is a Polish gaming company with a softwearehouse origin. He made his debut on NewConnect in mid-2019 (ISBnews) See other phrases most searched for today: orlen stock exchange rate | yen exchange rate in exchange offices | mercator shares | neuca share price | the lowest hryvnia rate | pge shares buy | intercars stocks buy | Follow us on Google News. Search what is important and stay up to date with the market! Watch us >>