Minecraft: meet the mobs of the Nether dimension

Minecraft has different dimensions, each of them particularities, and one of the ones that most catches users is the Nether, “the underworld”, where different creatures await usDiscovering which mobs we can run into when exploring this dimension, and what qualities each of them has, is the best way to be prepared to explore the terrain.

The Nether or Underworld of Minecraft is a dimension that has particular characteristics that make it dangerous. It contains fire, lava, fungus-based vegetation, unique structures, and most importantly, hostile creatures. Precisely in these last ones we want to stop, to review which are the most powerful mobs in the Nether dimension of Minecraft since knowing them, you can be safe from each living entity.

That said, and with the warning that the Nether is the most dangerous dimension that we can find in Minecraft, we are going to delve into the creatures that will be waiting for us once we arrive.

Basic Minecraft Nether Creatures

piglin zombie

Piglin zombies are a neutral mob, so do not attack players unless provoked. Sadly, once you’ve pissed them off, Piglin’s zombies will attack you in groups with extremely terrible damage, so you might as well try to stay away from them.

A few precise attacks from a single Piglin zombie is enough to finish you off, so be careful.

Wither Skeleton

The Wither Skeletons have the same damage dealing ability as the zombie Piglin, but they are special thanks to their ability to cause the Wither effect, which deals additional damage over time and can kill the player.

Since the Wither Skeletons represent a hostile mob, they will attack you as soon as they see you lurking nearby. Therefore, try to avoid entering vision radar at all costs, or you will end up regretting it later.


A fireball from Ghast will instantly destroy up to five player hearts, so this can be considered one of the most powerful attacks in the entire Nether dimension, but it doesn’t end there.

Ghast’s fireball will explode on impact and destroy blocks in the surrounding area, causing lava to flow and burn the player even when the initial damage wasn’t that great. So, run away as soon as you see them.

nether dimension mobs 3

Piglin Brute

Piglin Brute’s attack power has changed over time. If in the Java version an attack from them consumes 7 hearts; in Bedrock that number has risen to 7.5. When there is no weapon, the damage is reduced to 4.

The Piglin Brute often attacks in groups, so the chance of being overwhelmed and killed is very high. Besides, they are hostile mobs so they will also be ready to attack players at first sight.

What other mobs from the Nether dimension of Minecraft do you think are worth mentioning?

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