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Mastercard Innovation Forum 2022: cybersecurity and data analytics allies of companies

Mastercard Innovation Forum 2022: cybersecurity and data analytics allies of companies

HomeNewsMastercard Innovation Forum 2022: cybersecurity and data analytics allies of companies 27 June 2022 Blockchain DLT, News At the annual event of Mastercard Innovation Forum 2022, eCommerce, blockchain, data analytics and cybersecurity have aroused great interest from companies. Meanwhile, eCommerce and contactless payments and payments with Wearable technology, especially smartwatches, take the lion’s share. Here are the prospects for the next 3-10 years.

ECommerce drives the digital transition

Businesses believe that driving digital acceleration iseCommerce. As many as 76.2% consider it a relevant tool for their business. In fact, 37.5% of companies sell their products (goods or services) through proprietary platforms or third party marketplaces. The peaks occur in companies in the tertiary sector (40%), especially among the largest companies (49%) and, surprisingly, companies in Southern Italy (45%).

Payment tools: from contactless to smartwatch

Payment cards equal and sometimes they exceed cash. At the Mastercard Innovation Forum 2022, it emerges that companies use payment cards (46%) more than cash (which stops at 38%). An opposite trend is seen among merchants, 74% of which use cash compared to 70% of card payments. Companies consider payment cards as convenient (45.7%) and fast (35.2%) and their diffusion is similar to cash in Italy (51% vs 52%). Contactless cards register are seen as more convenient (49.2%), faster (49.1%) and hygienic (50.3%). The aspects of diffusion in Italy (41.5%) and safety (36.9%) are also positive. Cash appears to be free (56.2%) and widespread (52%), but is not perceived as convenient (36.5% vs 49.2% for contactless cards), safe (33.8%) and hygienic ( 9.4% vs 50.3% for contactless), an aspect that has remained at the center of attention even after the pandemic. Furthermore, i payments via smartphone they conquer 44.3% of exhibitors and 22.3% of businesses. But they are still not very common in Italy (23.3%) and not perceived as particularly safe (28.6%), but fast (39.2%) and hygienic (46.0%). The Cybersecurity 360 National Cybersecurity Strategy Summit is back. Online, October 27 Payments via Wearable Tech (smartwatch first of all) they are scarce in the business sector, but 21.4% of exhibitors and 7.9% of companies use it. They like it in terms of hygiene (40.6%) and time optimization (35%) and comfort (29.3%). Finally, in commercial and corporate payments, card payment wins at the point of sale (shops / warehouses) with their suppliers: almost 9 out of 10 respondents (85%), of which 66%, know them. Payments follow: with cards on suppliers’ eCommerce (84%); through virtual cards (80%); payments via tokenization of a company card (subscriptions, digital advertising, company marketplace) at 74%.

Mastercard Innovation Forum 2022: the technologies of the next 3-10 years

Three years from now, respondents, especially businesses, positively consider the impact of cybersecurity and data analysis. Furthermore, expectations for all technologies increase in the 10-year perspective: 70.7% consider cybersecurity a future ally, as does data analysis for 66.9%, blockchain for 56, 2%, crypto and metaverse for about 50% of the interviewees. Finally, interest and curiosity direct Italian companies and merchants towards the new means of payment: in the digital transition, education and knowledge of new technologies positively orient the behavior of the future.

Blockchain e criptovalute al Mastercard Innovation Forum 2022

Companies are looking at the blockchain with interest: 74.4% would like to know more, 73.3% believe that it will help large companies, 54.9% that it will be useful to exhibitors and retailers. In any case, the desire to deepen the theme emerges, strengthening education and skills. Decentralized, the blockchain is believed to be secure with respect to data protection by 64.6%. Instead, just over half (51.2%) believe that it is an unripe and not thoroughly tested technology and therefore partly unpredictable. The cryptocurrencies they are not yet clearly perceived: 57% say they are too many and there is no distinction between stable and unstable (the latter in fact record qualified knowledge at 43.4%, below the stable at 34.6%). For both, the under 35 are better informed: 56% (unstable) and 45% (stable). Large companies (73%), less medium and small (59%), even less for businesses (55%), consider the blockchain useful. Cryptocurrencies (61%) are perceived as a technology that benefits large companies and less so than small and medium-sized companies (44% for both) or merchants (40.0% for both).

Only four out of 10 companies look to the Metaverse

42.1% of Italian companies perceive the Metaverse as a technology that will bring prosperity and economic growth. Today it oscillates between being just gaming for the citizen-consumer (46.4%) and becoming a business opportunity (52.7%). The impact of this technology, on the other hand, is appreciated in relationships between individuals and different cultures, especially among the under 35 who consider it a tool that will unite people from all over the world (58% general champion vs 64% under 35), able to become central in the lives of many citizens in the future (57.7% vs 66% under 35). The Metaverse (65%) is perceived in favor of large companies and less than small and medium-sized companies (44% for both) or of merchants (40% for both).

Data analytics e cybersecurity al centro del Mastercard Innovation Forum 2022

Companies believe that the data analytics is an investment that generates savings or increased business volume (61.7%). In particular, large companies (78.9%) and exhibitors are interested in data analysis, less SMEs and the PA. Companies and businesses consider it a useful tool to avoid threats to companies (62.3%) and according to 61.5% it needs qualified personnel to manage it. 69.8% would like to know more about cybersecurity. It serves to avoid potential damage in the company (77.2%), while according to 73.4% the area is complex and requires competent personnel. Enhance your cloud data and discover the benefits for your company!

Cybersecurity convinces everyone: large enterprises, SMEs, businesses / shops, the Public Administration, the citizen-consumer.

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