Manufaktura Piwa Wódki i Wina SA is getting ready to start selling on the American market

Manufaktura Piwa Wódki i Wina SA is getting ready to start selling on the American marketManufaktura Piwa Wódki i Wina SA, managed by Janusz Palikot with the strong marketing commitment of Kuba Wojewódzki, actively expands the presence of its products outside Poland. Currently, it is preparing to launch the sale of selected products manufactured in Poland on the American market.

Manufaktura Piwa Wódki i Wina SA plans to sell also outside Poland

One of the assumptions of the Company regarding the distribution of the Capital Group’s products is the active expansion of sales of its alcohols outside Poland. For this purpose, among other things, a company under the law of the USA – Manufaktura America LLC was established by MPWiW. – Manufaktura Amerika is working to find partners for the distribution of selected MPWiW products in Florida, California, Illinois and New York. In addition, the Company has created its own team dedicated to the American market under the leadership of Tota Zoura. The team is responsible for the implementation of marketing and sales campaigns and cooperation with brand ambassadors in the US I believe that the potential of our flavor lines, especially those containing dried hemp, will allow us to quickly win the hearts and palates of Americans. Many US states have liberal laws related to cannabis in food, and looking at how it develops, in the coming years we can expect alcohol with the legal addition of CBD or even THC, and we will be one of the first in the world to do so. Our dream about the real BUH is just coming true. – said Janusz Palikot, President of MPWiW. Subscriptions for shares in connection with the public offering of K series shares of Manufaktura Piwa Wódki i Wina SA are coming to an end. They will be accepted until Tuesday, May 10 this year. Subscriptions for series K shares offered both in the Small Investors Tranche (TMI) and the Large Investors Tranche (TDI) will be accepted until Tuesday, May 10 this year. In the case of subscriptions submitted in person at the customer service point (POK) of a retail consortium member, it will be possible until 5.00 p.m. At the same time, in the case of electronically submitted subscriptions, the decision can be made by 23.59. Subscriptions are kept by Dom Maklerski BOŚ, which is the coordinator of the offer, and the mBanku Brokerage House, which is part of the distribution consortium. – The information memorandum describes our unique business model, an attractive and constantly expanding product offer, which is increasingly popular with customers, also outside Poland. Manufaktura’s products will soon debut in the USA, the largest and most valuable alcohol market in the world. We are already present with our own products on several European markets and we will expand the availability of our products in other countries. In order to meet the rapidly growing needs, we must implement an ambitious investment plan. . ” – said Janusz Palikot, President of MPWiW. The allocation of the offered shares is planned on May 13 this year. Then, after registering the capital increase in the National Court Register, the Company will apply to introduce its securities to trading on the NewConnect market. The intention of the Management Board of the Company is that the shares of the new series K and some of the Existing Shares will debut on the regulated market in the second or third quarter of 2022. – Manufaktura Piwa Wódki i Wina was created for people who appreciate unique flavors, good fun and high quality of consumed alcohols. In recent weeks, POPCORN vodka and MYJEBONGA beer have joined our family of BUH beers, WyBUHowa vodka, WYJEBONGO vodka, Okovit tenczyński vodkas, and Palikot vodkas. By inviting potential Investors to subscribe for shares, we want to share our successes. Together, we can achieve more and much faster – said Tomasz Czechowski, Vice President of MPWiW.

In recent months, the Company has finalized a merger with Doctor Brew. In addition, the MPWiW Group also includes (directly): Tenczyńska Okovita, Tenczynek Dystrybucja, Tenczynek Fresh, and shortly after the completion of the acquisition process also Przyjaznestwa and indirectly Tenczynek Bezalkoholowe and BUH Distillery. As part of the planned expansion of production capacity, in 2023, the company Browar in Niechanów (currently a business partner of MPWiW, to which part of the production is commissioned) is also to be taken over. All entities in the MPWiW Group work to maximize and consolidate the result. Individual companies create a unique value chain of complementary products, supported by a coherent sales and marketing system.
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