Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Tron Founder Justin Sun is looking for common ground with climate change activist Greta Thunberg. In a tweet, he compares himself to the Swedish teenager, pointing out that they both share a “passion to change the world.” Justin, the ultimate PR machine that he is, used the social media soapbox to capture some of massive amounts of attention that Thunberg has received, touting cryptocurrencies in the process. He said the crypto industry will “contribute immensely on reducing carbon footprint by implementing decentralized settlement.” Sun then went on to personally promise to date $1 million to Greta Thunberg’s initiative.

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Cop25 is an annual climate change conference hosted by the United Nations. Thunberg in recent days attended the 25th-ever event in Madrid, Spain. Despite Thunberg’s presence, the conference failed to accomplish what environmental activists were hoping to do. Secretary General of the UN Antonio Guterres tweeted that he was “disappointed with the results of Cop25,” vowing not to give up.

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Meanwhile, it’s unclear if Greta, who was recently named Time’s 2019 Person of the Year, is familiar with Tron or any cryptocurrency for that matter. The crypto community, however, is no stranger to Justin Sun’s antics. And while Sun isn’t the media machine that he once was, his tweet still ignited hundreds of likes, retweets, and comments. Some criticized Justin –

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While others took aim at Greta, suggesting there are better ways Sun could spend his money.

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Crypto and the Environment

The cryptocurrency industry has come under fire for the high energy consumption that computer-powered bitcoin mining requires. But the market has been making strides. For instance, according to a recent report, roughly three-quarters of bitcoin mining is done using renewable energy including solar, hydroelectric power, etc. For example, the southwestern Chinese province of Sichuan is popular for bitcoin miners for access to ample amounts of hydropower, thanks to rivers such as the Yangtze and others. Bitmain, the world’s largest bitcoin equipment maker, was reportedly eyeing Sichuan for the deployment of some 200,000 machines to capitalize on the hydroelectric power supply.

Sun’s Botched Buffett Lunch

Sun recently made headlines in mainstream financial media for donating $4.6 million for a lunch with billionaire Warren Buffett in which he hoped to teach the famous investor about the cryptocurrency market. Buffett infamously referred to bitcoin as “rat poison squared,” and Sun hoped to be the one to try and change his mind. The Tron founder had illusions of grandeur, with plans to host a press conference to be sure he got the media coverage he craved. That lunch, however, has yet to happen after Sun postponed it, blaming health issues. Rumors suggested that the Chinese government felt the lunch was inappropriate in light of the U.S./China trade war, which was raging at the time.

Sun is no stranger to donations and seems to turn to them when the spotlight is on for either a positive or negative event. When cryptocurrency exchange Binance suffered a $40 million hack, Sun offered to deposit 7,000 bitcoins, which at the time was worth $40 million, though Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao declined.

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