Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022
Janguiê family lost BRL 25 million in Rental Coins

The Janguiê family, whose reference is the businessman Janguiê Diniz, is one more affected by the possible financial pyramid scam by Rental Coins. According to a lawsuit brought by the family against the company from Curitiba (Paraná), there are almost R$ 25 million in losses recorded in the investment. José Janguiê Diniz is a famous businessman in Brazil, founder of Ser Educacional. In his career he has already been a judge and prosecutor, dropping everything to undertake. He ended up being tricked by Rental Coins, which presented itself as a cryptocurrency exchange with an option to lease the coins. That is, customers believed that by buying their cryptocurrencies, they could also earn income.

Janguiê family lost BRL 25 million in Rental Coins

Both Janguiê Diniz, his wife, son and a trusted employee file a lawsuit in São Paulo against the company Rental Coins. O livecoins gained access to the public process, which reports that millions were lost in the possible scheme. According to Janguiê’s defense, Rental Coins gave an air of legality to its business, but it acted fraudulently. To operate with the appearance of sophistication and legality, the company claimed to be extremely professional with buying cryptocurrencies in a protected environment. In addition, there were promises of cryptocurrency leasing, which would pay monthly fees for leasing coins. The family’s defense also claimed that the cryptocurrency market was going through an important moment in 2021, with more investors believing in the sector, such as Tesla, which bought Bitcoin as a store of value. “The Authors, like so many other Brazilians, looking for a safe and profitable alternative to invest their savings, chose to invest in crypto assets, more precisely in the cryptocurrency rental market, thinking it was a legitimate operation. Through this operation, what was sold to the Authors is that the contracting-lessor (in this case, the Authors) would deposit a certain amount on the platform of the contracted-lessee (in this case, Rental Coins), which, in turn, would commit to to purchase the crypto-asset described in the contract and use it for financial operations, remunerating the lessor-contractor monthly for its use.” Finally, investors looked for information on Francisley da Silva on the internet, finding several reports where he showed himself as a promising cryptocurrency trader, which gave more legitimacy to the business. Now he is accused by the family of operating a financial pyramid.

Defense asks for blocking of assets of the company and its partner

When filing the case in the São Paulo court, the Janguiê family’s defense hopes that the assets of Rental Coins and its partner will be blocked. In addition, the seizure of values ​​from the defendants’ accounts was requested. As the process is at an early stage, Rental Coins and its leader Francisley, in addition to the InterAG group, have not yet manifested in the cause. In addition to Janguiê, model Sasha Meneghel and her husband also believed in this company, losing with their investments and filing a lawsuit in Curitiba.