Investor buys LUNA in the fall and loses US$ 2.8 million

The drop in the price of different currencies is a cause for concern for some, for others a possible opportunity. Who hasn’t heard of “Buy the Dip?” or “buy at the bottom?”, however, the bottom you buy could be tomorrow’s top, as happened with a Luna investor who thought he would take advantage of the recent drop to buy the coin on sale. Known as KSICRYPTO on Twitter, the user commented about 2 days ago that he would take advantage of Luna’s drop to buy at a good price. Even commenting that this would be a great opportunity or the worst deal of his life. And he didn’t invest little, KSI bought no less than 100 thousand Lunas.

“In total I bought about 100,000 Luna. I’ll put it in a wallet and see what happens in the next few years. It could be the best or worst negotiation of my life. I saw an opportunity and I had to take advantage of it.”

It wouldn’t take long for the investor to regret that decision when the coin dropped more than 95% in less than 24 hours. As a result, KSI’s investment melted in a matter of hours, causing the investor to lose millions. He initially expressed some hope with the cryptocurrency, even buying more despite Luna’s “sad situation”, but soon signs of regret began to appear on Twitter.

“Welcome to the crypto market. That’s why you don’t put 100% of your fortune into something. Put your eggs in different baskets, from real estate to stocks and artwork and etc.”

In the last two days, LUNA had a catastrophic movement that was triggered by the stablecoin UST, losing the ballast with the dollar. This is one of the most impressive cases of the year, mainly because it took many by surprise, as it was a currency and a project dear to investors and which, for many, showed no sign of being a scam. For KSI to trust the currency when it started to fall cost a lot, more precisely a few million dollars.

“My $2.8 million is literally worth $1,000. HAHAHAHAHA Yeah, I’m trying to cope.”

In the end, KSI said that he spent his whole life chasing money to the point where nothing else mattered and he no longer had the will to live, so after therapy and rethinking his life, this kind of situation didn’t matter. it is something catastrophic that will end him, stating that after some time to think, he is now at peace with the situation.

“Now I’m finally at peace with myself. I just put 2.8 million down to buy LUNA and it’s now worth less than $50K. But that’s okay, because I’m not dead. I have my family, my friends and my vigorous work ethic, haha.”

While KSICRYPTO lost a fortune, here is an important lesson about the crypto market: It is important to always be very careful with your investments.