Investing in web3: discover the thesis of the 10 most promising crypto and blockchain startups selected by Techstars.

The city of Dublin received this week the first-ever blockchain-agnostic accelerator from Techstars. The program focusing on early-stage companies selected among several competitors the 10 most promising startups focused on blockchain technology and tokenization protocols for the decentralized future. The program’s Web3 Investment Thesis is based on the idea that the internet of the future will be owned by users, will be orchestrated by tokens and based on four main criteria: community, modularity, incentive and composite value. The topics addressed by the projects bring real use cases, which can change the way different markets are organized, from sports to the service economy, games, through the diamond trading market. The objective of the project is to select startups that are showing how tokenization can go beyond meme coins and that the third generation of the internet will mark and cause disruption in several sectors.

VCs are crazy about the web3

Techstars is a worldwide investment network that helps entrepreneurs develop new businesses. Founded in 2006, the initiative has invested in more than 2,500 companies with a combined market value of more than $200 billion. And now, it enters web3 in force, selecting the 10 most innovative startups on web3. The program is run by Pete Townsend, host of the Money Never Sleeps podcast, Independent Non-Executive Director at Coinbase, with over 25 years of experience in companies such as BNP Paribas, Fidelity Investments, Coinbase, and 25+ startups. Among the mentors is Laura Walsh, CEO of Gamefi, former member of the Executive Committee of the NEM, with experience at NEAR Protocol and with years of experience in Southeast Asia. In addition to Techstars, the program has strategic partners Launchpool and Alphabit. Alphabit is one of the first regulated crypto funds, responsible for investing in companies at the forefront of the blockchain sector. Launchpool is an initiative focused on helping in the early stages of retail projects. In the spirit of ‘Equal Investment’, Launchpool has over 35,000 investors worldwide who believe in the idea of ​​being their own VC, supporting the startup ecosystem with a minimum viable community, resources, access to funding opportunities and enabling partnerships across the blockchain ecosystem.

Meet the 10 startups selected by the VCs

An interesting aspect is that the program focuses on companies in early stages, with bold ideas, but whose path is still long. By sharing this list, we hope to inspire readers with radically transformative ideas, encouraging everyone to dare to take their own ideas from web3 to paper. Let’s go to the selected ones: Barterchain/@barterchainapp – A P2P platform for members to exchange or tokenize their skills and services. You know that skill you have that makes you unique? How about tokenizing this and offering it to the world? Big Fan /@BigFan_io – BigFans idea is to reinvent sports collectibles (Football, Basketball, Rugby, Tennis s etc) with NFTs to provide an exclusive access experience for fans, which will be powered by the tools that only Metaverse can provide. So close that you can even smell the players’ uniforms (or maybe that’s too much). CrowdClass/@Crowdclass_Ed – A web3 protocol so online teachers can better monetize their courses and reward student engagement. Of all industries, education is perhaps one of the most affected by the world’s digitization. The world learns through screens, those students with the most involvement and engagement also deserve to be rewarded. DAOventures/@VenturesDao – A DAO for fund managers and crypto investors. DAOventures provides exposure to DeFi crypto ETF index funds with automated rewards stream. The best of degens, now provided by DAOs. Eczodex /@eczodex – The next generation of financial products, where data is turned into assets through tokenization. Eczodex is a DeFi protocol focused on synthetic data assets. The first synthetic offering will be the ECZ CPI, which seeks to protect investors from a loss of purchasing power in relation to inflation. ECZ CPI appreciates in line with the inflation index, providing a significant improvement over existing stablecoins. LiveDuel/@LiveDuel – LiveDuel combines live streaming, interactive content, game show and blockchain to create a new way of real-term interaction and engagement with digital sports. Now, fans will be able to enjoy the game by participating in the matches. MegaFans/@MegafansEsports – As if two were not enough, to prove that e-sports are on the rise – or as supporters of the Homo Ludens theory would say, they always have been – a sports platform that offers ready-made solutions for creating games on devices furniture and white-label modules to enrich player experiences. Staxe /@StaxeProject – What if you could be an angel investor in your favorite projects and products? Independent films, video games, documentaries, music and dance festivals. All. Staxe seeks to enable the economy of creative productions on the web3 by making everyone potential angel investors. Vyper Protocol/@VyperProtocol – Vyper is already integrated with Serum and major crypto lending protocols to enable the creation of new and innovative use cases for the DeFi lending, yields and yield industry – the best, combating the huge risk of losing money. Your Diamonds/@YourDiamondsCom – Enabling the diamond industry to solve old world problems through digital and web technologies, the project uses blockchain technology to build a transparent ecosystem for “current generation” and future generations. Here you can find the official announcement of the cohort. By Paula Palermo and Rafaela Romano, co-founders of Impacta.Finance. Disclaimer: The text presented in this column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of CriptoFácil. Also read: 5 facts that could impact the price of Bitcoin this week Also read: Binance becomes a partner in a company in Brazil and will now have to report user operations