How To: See the 8 steps to set up online stores

Nowadays it is very common to see people making online stores and earning a lot of money from them. One of the reasons this works so well is because everyone is connected. As a result of this constant and repeated connection, people with an entrepreneurial streak, or just with the need to make extra income, can use this space to publish products that are available for sale. The great advantage of this is that the potential customer does not necessarily need to go to the mall or take the same route every day to always see your window, just use their cell phone and use a social network to which the two are registered.

In this way we can understand that to sell on the internet it is important to always be updating your page, whether on a website, or through Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or any other social network. This is what can be essential to get the attention of people who will log into your account. When this is put into practice we can see the conclusion that has long been observed, which is the grandeur of the internet in terms of reach. If you decide to set up a physical store, which an online store does not prevent from being done, it will only have customers who go to the place, but having a virtual space to sell and show the products can boost sales, after all, reach is large enough to have sales completed by people from another state or city.
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The reasons for you to create an online store may arise out of necessity, to have an extra income and to have more conditions, being able to have a weekly billing that complements your salary. Other reasons are for those who want to undertake, because they are unemployed or for those who want to undertake and make a career transition. The latter can happen after the store is making enough money that you can safely take the risk of leaving a job to invest more and more in your own business.
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Now that you know a little about the advantages and why to create an online store, see below the step-by-step guide for your store to be set up on a website or social network. It is worth remembering that you do not need to do this professionally, if you are going to have extra income, planning is necessary, but it will be a job that will take up a lot of your time and if the idea is not to scale the business, just use it to make an income. extra you can sell in other ways. The first step is to set up a plan and structure the next steps in it, understand below: Make a plan To get into this style of sales it is necessary to do some research, understand how some things work, such as: The sales space; Initial investment capital; Products to be sold; Product suppliers; Payment methods; Logistics; Digital marketing.

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Products Within your planning it is important to have the product you want to sell, research their sales, which are the most sold within a product segment, as some examples: Electronic items; articles for pets; Household items; party supplies; and Stationery. Suppliers To choose your suppliers, always aim for those who have good product quality and know how to negotiate when setting up the costs you will incur. The lower the costs, the better for your billing, so take this into account, but in a way that doesn’t interfere with the quality of what you sell, as this can harm your store’s image in front of customers. The online store space Define whether the store will be on Instagram, Facebook, Mercado Livre, Shoppe, in short, choose the platform that your store will be on and research how each one works and how to reach your customers through them. Initial Capital Even if you have low costs creating your store, know that it is still necessary to start with an initial capital, see how much you can start at the moment and start, even if it is with little, the important thing is to start and let things evolve . Payment Methods There are many ways to receive payment online, there are platforms created for this, but in them you may have to pay fees for payments, see what they are: PicPay; Monetize; Mercado Pago; InsurancePay; Sky; and Easy Copper. Logistics Make a logistics plan on how the products can reach the customers, for that, if you have availability, you can make your own deliveries, or do it through delivery apps, such as: Uber Cash; Rappi; Loggi; Click Deliveries; and Lalamove. Digital Marketing It is very important that you use some digital marketing strategy in your online store, in the communication of the sales page, after all, it is your showcase, making it attractive for those who enter can be important at the time of sales. Using strategies with online ads, through paid traffic, can help a lot and also always posting about products generates more curiosity and willingness to buy. Disclaimer: The text presented in this column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of CriptoFácil. Also Read: OpenSea Enables Credit Card NFT Purchases Also Read: Dogecoin (DOGE) Prepares for 35% Jump, Analyst Says Also Read: WeChat Will Ban NFTs Not Regulated by the Chinese Government