How to download and install PPSSPP games on Android

It’s totally possible download and install PPSSPP games on Android; in this way we can enjoy all the PSP (Portable PlayStation) games on our mobile device. Something that we must warn before starting is that, in order to enjoy the emulated games, it is essential to have an original copy of the PSP game.

It is possible to play practically any game from old consoles, both on Android and on a Windows computer. In my personal case, I am more retro and I love using NES emulators for PC; pixelated games are a passion for me.

Download PPSSPP emulator on Android

In order to play PSP games on Android, you need to install an emulator app called PPSSPP, there are many other apps available to play Sony handheld games in ISO and CSO format. However, we recommend this emulator. It has been in development for many years, is compatible with all titles and works optimally.

We have two types of versions. The free version that allows us to use the PPSSPP emulator by looking at some ads, although not too many really. And the second one is PPSSPP Gold, which is $4.99 and we won’t see any ads of any kind.

How to Download PPSSPP Games on Android

Installing the emulator is quite simple because it is done just like any application in the Play Store, it is fully automated and it comes magnificently reconfigured. So in this sense we will not have to touch anything.

However, we must bear in mind that the emulator does not include any games, we will have to download them separately. Additionally, the games have to be in .ISO or .CSO format to be compatible.

The games generally come compressed with WinRAR or 7Zip, which we can decompress with ZArchiver. This means that once the game is downloaded, we will have to unzip it so that PPSSPP can run it.

Using ZArchiver to extract game files for PPSSPP

As they usually come compressed, we are going to have to unzip them and this is quite simple thanks to ZArchiver which is available in the Play Store.

The first thing we will do is download and install the application. After this, we are going to open and run it like any other app. Now we are going to have to look for the game file that we downloaded, which will be in .RAR format. When we find it, We will click on extract directly in the same app. We will have to wait for the process to finish, this may take a while depending on the size of the game. When the extraction process is finished, we will be able to see a large number of files.

We will open the RAR file of the extracted results, then we will have to extract the file that is written behind the RAR, such as the b-krchfj.rar file that can be seen in the example image. We wait for the process to complete. To finish , we extract the game file to the PSP folder, the final extension has to be .ISO.

In this example, the compressed file was just over 950 MB in size. However, after extracting the file, this was left in .ISO format and weighs in at 1.60GB.

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