How has technology transformed our lives?

The technological advances They have completely transformed our lives. Internet it is a great promoter of change since from this channel all kinds of daily actions and other extraordinary ones can be executed. There are many pros that could be cited about the technological revolution that we are experiencing in the 21st century. And yet, there are also aspects that are not always so positive, such as the extreme dependence on mobile devices.

For the millennialsand with much more emphasis for the centennials, talking about devices such as landlines, phone booths, sending letters and even paying with money in bills and coins may be a thing of the past. But the reality is that decades ago, not so much with money, those were technological advances of that time.

Sorpasso of some technologies over others

In the last 10 or 15 years, technologies have been developed that have triumphed and achieved success. We see, for example, how the cloud storage has unblushingly overtaken other systems. On desktops and laptops there is no longer any room for graphics drive readers. DVDs and CD-ROMs have practically fallen into oblivion, just as floppy disks did in the late 1990s.

Now what triumphs is cloud storage. Not even portable hard drives are as relevant as the “cloud”, because with this you can have the information on any device with an internet connection.

Added to this are other technologies such as Bluetooth, which is closely related to music. This system has already left aside the infrared connection, which forced the devices to practically be in contact with each other to exchange information.

However, for a few years Bluetooth has become even more popular thanks to wireless headphones. And if it’s time to talk about these gadgetsyou can also mention how the media have changed.

Today there are millions of people who listen to the radio through the internet using podcast. This communicative format is also a revolution, because it allows make “radio” without having to depend on large media groups.

Changes in mobility and payment systems

Our entire world has been shaken by technological advancement. Mobility, which is one of the great workhorses in the climate crisis that we suffer, due to the dependence on fossil fuels, sees in the battery electric vehicles an interesting alternative.

Many cities have been working for years on new ordinances to adapt their traffic networks to the use of electric scooters and other personal mobility vehicles. At home, the link between technology is glimpsed with the smart home appliances and home automation systems.

In addition, in the last two years there has been an important episode that has affected all of Humanity. The confinement brought several changes in our lives and meant the consolidation of certain products for the home. For example, those responsible for the 10Best reviews portal reveal that robot vacuum cleaners and gaming chairs were some of the products whose demand grew the most during that time due to the increase in hours spent at home.

If we go back to the beginning of the article, the use of coins and bills as a means of payment was mentioned, something that is becoming increasingly obsolete. It is no longer just that payment with credit and debit cards are the norm in many establishments, but other formulas have been enabled such as NFC system for mobile payment waves apps of financial institutions for immediate money transfer.

And the future, where is technology headed in the future?

Once the pandemic has been overcome, or at least controlled, many large marketplaces, the most powerful ecommerce platforms in the world, are registering negative results. Spending more time away from home, not being forced into confinement, translates into a less consumption through the internet.

The figures reveal in most cases that electronic commerce is here to stay, but that it will have to coexist with the sale through physical channels. Something similar to the digital book and paper literature happens with this topic. The first threatened traditional reading for years, but was never able to overcome it, and currently they coexist as two valid formats.

Regarding the evolution of technologies, well, there is much talk about artificial intelligence, which directly affects the algorithms and behavior of users on the Internet, the internet of things or of Blockchain technologies, with NFTs or cryptocurrencies as great drivers and as possible bubbles that sooner or later will end up exploding.

It remains to be seen where technological advances take us, but what is certain is that with them all that glitters is not always gold. Technology is not good per se, but you have to know how to get the best out of that innovation and use it for positive purposes for society.