HOSKINSEA: Largest NFT Market in Cardano Launches Private Sale of HSK Token

The Hoskinsea NFT marketplace built on the Cardano network for your favorite arts – JPGs, PNGs, SVGs and more! We are proud to be based on the Cardano blockchain, a cryptocurrency with a mission to provide financial infrastructure for the unbanked. We have just announced our private token sale for early entrants who want to buy HSK tokens and become the first token holders of the Hoskinsea market project. Those who participated in the ongoing HSK private sale will be among the lucky holders of our native token. A portion of the distribution royalties from the successful project is paid to users who stake with HSK tokens. The HSK token will also be traded on CEX/DEX, ensuring broad token distribution and user participation. The community can also stake HSK tokens for extra payouts. Hoskinsea will also allow content producers to publicize their projects through limited-edition NFTs and trailers, distributed evenly among the platform’s users.

Benefits/Utilities of HSK Token Holders

NFT Purchase – Holders of HSK tokens can purchase NFTs, collectibles and digital assets on the Hoskinsea marketplace at a discounted price using HSK tokens. Payment of Transaction Fees – Fees arising from NFT minting can be paid using the HSK token, making the procedure a quick process for token holders Token Staking/Yield farming – HSK token holders can choose to stake with your tokens on our staking platform to earn more tokens in rewards Governance and Voting – HSK token holders will be part of the decision-making process on issues that affect our Ecosystem. As such, only our token holders will have the ability to vote in the necessary decision-making process that will affect our ecosystem. It is important to note that the degree of votes you can cast and participation in said voting process will depend on the amount of tokens you have. NFT Farming – Users will be able to stake NFTs on our NFT staking platform and earn rewards on limited/rare NFTs that can be traded on other NFT platforms. Redistribution of Transaction Fees – Major holders of the HSK token will also benefit from our platform, earning a fixed percentage of the profits made from all transactions carried out on our platform using the HSK token.

HOSKINSEA NFT Marketplace Features

Mint of NFTs on the market with characteristics/attributes
Public and private listings
Listing/Sales in different Cardano Native Tokens
CEX and DEX Pay Integration
Rarity Index and Trait Rank
The 3D NFT viewer
The ultra-fast and inexpensive minting process
Low transaction cost
Fast UI and UX with NFTs caching

Private sale of HSK token

1 ADA = 100 HSK token
Minimum purchase: 200 ADA
Maximum purchase: 20,000 ADA
Early entrants can buy into the private sale of HSK tokens and become the first holders of HSK tokens – https://sale.hoskinsea.io/ Interested in learning more about the goals of this innovative and unique platform? Follow us on our social networks below Website: https://hoskinsea.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hoskinsea1
Medium: https://medium.com/@Hoskinsea.io
Telegram: http://t.me/hoskinsea
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