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What is Forex Trading?

Forex Trading, also known as FX, foreign exchange or currency trading is the global decentralized market where currencies from all over the world are traded. Every day, more than $5 trillion in trading volume takes place, making it the largest and most liquid market in the world.

Trading forex online has become extremely popular and profitable for people of all ages. People from all walks of life and complete beginners are learning how to invest, trade and capitalize on this massive market.

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How to Trade Forex?

Forex trading involves the exchange of one currency for another and taking advantage of the constantly fluctuating changes in prices to make a profit. When it comes to trading forex online, all of this gets done through the use of specialized trading software, often referred to as a trading platform.

Today, there are plenty of trading platforms to choose from, plus plenty of other complimentary trading software that boasts features to enhance your trading efforts but finding the right one for you can be challenging.

At TrustedBrokerz, we take all the hard work out of learning how to trade forex and how to choose the right solution for you. Our team of experts and trading gurus regularly test and review trading software and provide you with objective and insightful trading software reviews to make your forex trading easier, rewarding and more enjoyable.

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What is Bitcoin Trading?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that unlike regular fiat currencies, like dollars or euros, is totally decentralized and is not owned or controlled by any government or central bank. Bitcoin trading, in theory, is the same as forex trading, except that it involves a digital currency i.e. Bitcoin in exchange for another currency, this could be dollars, euros, pounds or even another virtual currency.

Trading Bitcoins, when performed correctly, has massive profit potential. Now is your opportunity to start capitalizing on Bitcoin and to make virtual currencies part of your portfolio.

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How to Trade Bitcoin?

Learning how to trade Bitcoin is an invaluable skill that anyone can learn. Traditional trading of Bitcoin involves physically buying and selling through an exchange. With TrustedBrokerz, you will learn how to trade Bitcoin CFDs and which are the best bitcoin brokers to trade with.

Bitcoin CFDs let you get in on the action and capitalize on the price fluctuations without having to actually purchase and store the Bitcoins. Bitcoin CFDs let you enter the crypto trading arena quickly and easily and start profiting.

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What is Cryptocurrencies Trading?

A cryptocurrency is a digital, decentralized currency that utilizes cryptography to secure transactions. Unlike traditional online transactions which are centralized, cryptocurrency transactions take place directly between two parties and utilize a public ledger to record the transaction. Despite the openness of the public ledger, the parties involved in the process remain anonymous and the transactions are secured due to the encryption.

Bitcoin was the first official cryptocurrency and utilizes a technology called blockchain for all transactions. There are now thousands of other cryptocurrencies, each with their own unique technologies and features. Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Caradon and many more.

Cryptocurrency trading is very similar to regular forex trading in that the process involves exchanging a cryptocurrency for another currency, which can be regular fiat money, like dollars, or for other cryptocurrencies.
Cryptocurrency traders make money by buying (exchanging) a cryptocurrency. When the price of the bought cryptocurrency increases, the trader then sells the cryptocurrency and the difference between the buy price and sell price is profit.

Bitcoin kickstarted the cryptocurrency revolution back in 2009, but it was only a few years later that cryptos would start going mainstream and becoming a household name. Many early adopters of cryptos were able to buy at just a few cents per coin or token, and held (aka HODL, yes H-O-D-L) onto their cryptocurrencies for some years and sold them for thousands of dollars per coin. There have been many traders that have become millionaires from cryptocurrency trading.

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How to Trade Crypto?

Crypto trading, like FX and stocks, requires you to buy low and sell high. The difference in the purchase and selling prices is the profit. There are various ways to trade crypto, but the 2 most popular ways are buying through an exchange or trading crypto CFDs.

Traditional purchasing of cryptocurrencies involves purchasing through a crypto exchange. When you purchase like this, you then need to store your cryptos in a digital wallet. While you can store your crypto with the exchange, it is not recommended to store large values with the exchanges. This traditional buying through exchanges can be somewhat tedious.

The alternative way to trade cryptocurrencies is through CFDs (Contracts for Difference). CFDs get traded through a cryptocurrency broker or Bitcoin broker. With CFDs, you do not need to actually buy the cryptocurrencies and are merely speculating on the price fluctuations without owning the underlying asset i.e. the coin or token. Some of the benefits of crypto CFDs are that you can make the same profits without needing an exchange or wallet. Another big benefit is many crypto brokers offer leverage which means you can trade bigger volumes with limited capital and make bigger profits.

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