Get to know Holafly’s new international chip for travel

When traveling abroad, being permanently connected to the Internet is something that most travelers find essential. How can you not be in contact with your family and friends at all times through an instant messaging app like WhatsApp or Telegram to find out how they are and be able to tell them how the trip is going? How can you not have access to social networks to upload the best photos and keep your profile updated?

These questions have already become basic needs for any traveler in the middle of the year 2022, and to them should be added those that are added if you are also self-employed or an entrepreneur – how not to check your company mail periodically during the trip, in case any eventuality or an order arrives online- or you are on a work trip and you may receive an important email, a communication from the management or, simply, you want to be in contact with the colleagues who stayed in the office.

Being permanently connected to the Internet is no longer an option, but rather has become, in most cases, a necessity. If you travel abroad within the European Union you will enjoy free roaming with your usual operator, but… what happens if you travel to another destination? You will have to resort to a solvent service that provides you with an Internet connection wherever you go. In this sense, we want to talk to you about Holafly, the company that we use on our trips abroad and with which you will not be disconnected at any time wherever you go.

Meet Holafly and its new international travel chip

Using Holafly to always be connected on your trips abroad is relatively easy and also cheap. It is a cheaper service than bearing the high prices charged by operators to connect to the Internet abroad, so, in addition to being always online, you are saving money.

To travel and always stay connected, without roaming charges or surprise bills, you may be interested in learning about Holafly’s new international chip for travel.

It is an eSIM card that you can buy through its website and that you will have to configure -we will explain how- before reaching your destination. When you are there, you will be able to activate the international chip and you will be able to use the Internet on your phone. Of course, you will not be able to make or receive analog calls with the Holafly card (you will continue to do so with your usual operator, which may incur significant additional costs) but you will not really need it, since today you can make digital calls and video calls to over the Internet through instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Telegram, using the virtual SIM with Holafly data and you will not have to bear any additional charges.

In fact, with the Holafly card you will always know what you pay to use the Internet, since it is a prepaid card with which you can control the data you spend. When acquiring the international chip, you know in advance how much it costs and how many GB you have available and for how long, since you get a data plan and closed days. Depending on the destination, you will have different possibilities and prices, as we explain later in this article.

How Holafly’s new international chip works

Using an eSIM card like the one with Holafly’s new international chip is easy. In case you don’t know what it is, an eSIM card -also called a virtual SIM- is the digital version of traditional SIM cards.

Thanks to the microchip installed inside your mobile, you will be able to install several eSIM profiles on your device. Being the equivalent of a physical SIM card, with eSIMs you can enjoy different data plans on your phone, each one associated with an eSIM, and use them interchangeably at all times.

When buying from Holafly, you are purchasing a mobile data plan associated with the Holafly eSIM, without the need to receive a plastic SIM. With it, you can connect to the Internet in a matter of minutes.

However, to benefit from Holafly’s new international chip you need to have a mobile phone that is compatible with eSIM technology (you can see the full list on their website and it includes the latest iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and other brands) and at activating it you can continue using your phone number as before, as well as your WhatsApp account and the rest of the apps.

After buying the Holafly prepaid chip you will receive in your email a QR code and instructions to download the eSIM profile, the steps for installation, configuration and activation.

How to install and activate

Before starting your trip you will have to go to the “Settings” section of your mobile and there click on “Mobile Data” and “Add mobile data plan”. Here you can scan the QR when the option is enabled (do it from this section, not directly with the mobile camera).

This will allow you to add the new data plan, labeled “secondary.” Give it a name that is easy for you to identify, to distinguish it from the usual line of your operator. Once this is done, select your new plan for mobile data only.

Make sure that it is disconnected and that you have also disconnected the mobile data from the plan of your usual operator. When you arrive at the destination of your trip, connect the mobile data plan of the international Holafly chip. Confirm that the “Mobile data connection” and “Data roaming” sections are activated on your phone. In this way you will already be connected to the Internet with Holafly’s mobile data and not with your operator’s data. If you don’t trust it… remove the SIM card from your usual mobile phone operator and you’ll see how you’re connected to the Internet without having a traditional SIM card!

If you have any questions, you can write to them through the chat available on their website or by WhatsApp, the number is +16613848482, they attend you every day, including weekends and holidays at any time.

In which regions the new Holafly international chip can be used

As you will see on its website, Holafly’s new international travel chip can be used in countless destinations. Confirm when you travel abroad that you can use the Holafly eSIM in countries where roaming is expensive. These are some of the main destinations:

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-In Europe: Latino, American or non-EU travelers can use Holafly’s international chip in any European country and avoid using data roaming or searching for public Wi-Fi networks in parks or restaurants.

For Europe it offers data packages starting at 29 euros, the price for which you get 3 GB of connection to spend in 7 days. If you need more time, you can purchase a 5 GB connection for 15 days for 34 euros; 8 GB of connection for 20 days for 44 euros and even 10 GB of connection for 30 days for 54 euros.

If you travel from Spain to countries outside the EU within Europe, such as Switzerland, Andorra or Turkey, using Holafly’s eSIM is a recommended solution.

For example, in Switzerland you can have 6 GB of mobile data to use for 15 days for 44 euros, while in Turkey 3 GB of connection for 30 days will cost you 34 euros, and if you want 5 GB, you will pay 49 euros. In Andorra you have from 3GB to 12 GB for 27 and 42 euros, respectively.

-In America: You can use the Holafly service when you travel to the United States -we did it recently and in this article we told you about our experience- and it is also very advantageous to do so if you go to Canada or Mexico. In this country, for 49 euros, they offer you 5 GB of connection for 15 days.

If you travel to South America, you can use it, among other countries, in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Chile. In all cases, you will enjoy a very cheap service if we compare it with roaming to stay connected to the mobile Internet. For 47 euros, you will have 6 GB of data to use for 15 days in any country in Latin America.

-In Africa: You can also use the Holafly chip in African countries like Morocco, where you have many options to choose from: from 2.5 GB of data to consume in 5 days for 29 euros, up to 7.5 GB of data for 15 days for 47 euros , with other intermediate options if you need fewer days of connection or less amount of data.

For its part, in other African countries such as Tunisia or South Africa they have packages to use for 15 days with 6 GB for 47 euros.

-In Asia: Asia is another of the continents where you can get the most out of Holafly’s new international chip, because in these countries there is no roaming, they speak several languages ​​and your usual operator will charge you a significant surcharge for being connected to the Internet. Holafly has coverage in destinations such as Dubai, Thailand, Japan, China and Russia, among others. For 49 euros it offers you 8 GB to be connected in any Asian destination for 30 days.

-In Australia: Even if you travel to our antipodes, you can take advantage of the new Holafly card and not lose connection. When you travel to Australia (for 34 euros you will receive 10 GB to use for 30 days, and if you need 20 GB you will have to pay 44 euros) and Singapore, where for 39 euros you have 6 GB for 12 days or if you prefer for 15 days you will pay 47 euros.

As you can see, losing the connection during trips is no longer a problem, Holafly’s new international chip is a comfortable and safe option to continue using the phone abroad.

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