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Furnas recovery would leave a reservoir with a volume of 80%, says ONS



Furnas recovery would leave a reservoir with a volume of 80%, says ONS

The general director of the ONS (National Electric System Operator), Luiz Carlos Ciocchi, presented this Tuesday (6.Jul.2021) a simulation on the effects of adopting the recovery plan for Furnas lake in the plant's reservoir. If the action started in 2011, the plant's reservoir would have a useful volume greater than 80% from 2020. The plan, however, was presented in the dry season of 2020 and was interrupted due to the low amount of rainfall in the River Basin Paraná. According to Ciocchi, the resumption of the recovery plan will depend on the improvement of hydrological conditions in the SIN (National Interconnected System). The plant operates at 28% of its capacity, the second worst index in the historical series for this time of year. Furnas' recovery plan was presented by the ONS in the 2020 dry period. The action establishes a minimum quota limitation, that is, the height of the plant's reservoir, of 758 meters, with a flow of 600 cubic meters per second.A study by the ONS shows that the useful volume of the Furnas reservoir would be above 80% if the recovery plan started in 2011. Source: ONS “The adverse conditions in the transition from the dry to the rainy period, however, led to the need to operate Furnas below of this 756 meter quota in 2020”, declared Ciocchi at a public hearing in the Chamber of Deputies. He added that neither Furnas nor the ONS  want the reservoir to be low. "The objective is to operate from halfway up", said the director. The general director of the ONS did not provide a forecast on the resumption of the plant's lake recovery plan. He reiterated that, currently, the country is experiencing the biggest water crisis in the last 91 years. “We are, of course, going through a water crisis. This was not ONS that decreed, but the meteorological institutes had already warned. With this, the ANA (National Agency for Water and Basic Sanitation) published a resolution, in June, declaring the critical situation of water resources”, said Ciocchi. at the Jupiá and Porto Primavera plant, in addition to the flexibility of the flow of the Furnas plant and the plants in the São Francisco basin, prevented the 2022 water situation from being “very fragile”.
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