Four ways to free up space on an iPhone

iPhone phones have a large storage capacity, as we could see in our analysis of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which can reach up to 1 TB of capacity depending on the model.

The good news is that usable space can be made available without the need to delete photos, videos or files.

However, they are also the higher priced models, so you may have been left just when you bought your new iPhone in terms of storage, or you may have an older model with less capacity.

The truth is that files, games, and apps are becoming heavier and more demanding every day, not to mention that we fill our phones with heavy photos and videos, so knowing how to free up space on an iPhone never hurts.

Best of all, you can recover your iPhone’s storage capacity for free and quickly. You don’t have to be an expert to have more room to store information on your device. We tell you how:

Clear browser cache

Clearing the web browser cache is an efficient way to free up space on an iPhone. To comply with this method, the browser will log out of portals that are open. In the case of Safari, the steps are as follows.

– Go to “Settings”.

– Click on “Safari”.

– Select “Clear history and website data”.

With this simple procedure, the mobile will be able to free up a little space in a simple way.

Delete old text messages

Over the months, thousands of messages loaded with videos, GIFs, photos, among others, can accumulate on the iPhone. Such messages can become a headache after a while, the good news is that it is very easy to delete them.

– Enter “Settings”.

– Scroll down and click on “Messages”.

– Then, click on “Keep messages in history”. There the user will be able to select for how long he wants the smartphone to store the messages, either for 30 days, a year or forever.

Delete third-party photos and videos

In the event that backing up becomes a problem for whatever reason, you can always proceed to eradicate images and videos manually.

– Enter “Settings”.

– Click on “General”.

– Select “iPhone storage”.

– Choose “Check large attachments”. There will be access to a library of photos and videos that the user sent or received. This unnecessary content can be removed by simply clicking on “Delete”.

Backup iPhone

When photos and videos are the problem, there’s no better way to free up space on an iPhone than by uploading everything to the cloud. Apple’s iCloud platform is an excellent option. One point to consider is that once photos are deleted from mobile storage, they may continue to take up space in the “Recently Deleted” folder. Make sure you delete everything properly.

An extremely feasible method is to upload large photos to iCloud so that the mobile only saves the lower resolution images. To do this, you just have to activate the following function.

– Access “Settings”.

– Enter “Photos”.

– Activate “Optimize iPhone storage”.