Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) in Miami kicked off for the seventh year as crypto enthusiasts and speakers from all parts of the worldattended the event.

BTC Miami Conference Kicks Off

The TNABC is one of the largest gatherings of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and market participants in North America, and it kicked off on Thursday, the 16th of January 2020. The event, which is held annually in Miami, took place at the James L. Knight Center.

The event is attended by hundreds of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and speakers from the blockchain industry and has several exhibits from global participants. The opening remarks of the event were given by TNABC host Moe Levin and the mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez. The mayor talked about blockchain and crypto innovation in the city and how he hopes to make Miami a hub for tech innovation.

The Mayor also added that this week is officially recognized in the city as Blockchain Week Miami, giving Levin a certificate from the city of Miami. Bobby Lee, the founder of wallet card Ballet, also talked about how people can make cryptocurrencies more accessible. Other prominent speakers at the event includes Veriblock’s Justin Fisher,’s Simon Dixon, and blockchain investor Brock Pierce. Pierce, who is also a fan of environmental protection, discussed how crypto and blockchain solutions could help make the world a better place.

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The exhibit hall at the TNABC event was filled with several companies and attendees checking out the latest devices and platforms. The presentation that got the most attention was from, which gave away golden ticket scratch-offs loaded with Bitcoin Cash. Participants were required to download the Badger Wallet, and then swipe their QR codes on the cards to reveal their BCH (Bitcoin Cash) rewards. Those that won had to join a special Telegram group which was created by and post their SLP address. When the conference resumes today, those who swiped their golden tickets will receive a unique SLP-based Miami Conference tokens via airdrop for taking part in the event.

This Miami token can be exchanged for exclusive rewards at the booth. This attracted more people to the booth, with some attendees eager to learn about peer-to-peer cash as well as the Simple Ledger Protocol and the technology behind it.

The event was eye-opening and informative for a lot of people. In addition, the SLP engineer James Cramer mentioned that the TNABC conference was a positive and exciting event that enabled people to meet face to face, as opposed to via video conference

Other Crypto Exhibits Draw Attention

Aside from, several other exhibits also drew the attention of participants of the conference. Some of the popular exhibits there includesTradeStation,, Crypto Playhouse, and Bitangels. The artworks of crypto artists like Sergey Gordienko, Fractalencrypt, and Lucho Poletti were also displayed at the event.

To top it off, there was a panel discussion about one of the most highly talked about topics in the crypto space; regulations and law. The various speakers all spoke about the need for positive cryptocurrency regulation to help boost the growth of the industry.