Essential tools for survival in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game with endless options, but there are certain tools that are essential to overcome survival mode.These tools will allow us to move forward with our adventure and without them, it would be impossible to achieve it.

Let’s be honest, no tools, minecraft it would not be minecraft, less in the mode survival. They are used to break different blocks and obtain various resources. What will allow us to advance in this incredible and endless adventure.

Tools too important for survival in Minecraft

The importance of scissors

Scissors in Minecraft have many specific uses. It is much better to obtain wool by shearing sheep than by killing them. In this way we will get more blocks of wool over time. Additionally, this tool can also be used to get other elements that we can use in buildings or decorations: leaves, tall grass, dead bushes, etc.

The shovel

The shovel

Shovels are very useful tools in different cases. Ideal for extracting blocks of earth, sand and gravel. The use of the shovel will help us save a lot of time when we want to mine biomes or areas that have too much sand or earth.

They can also be used to make paths out of grass blocks, which can add direction and a beautiful look to the world of Minecraft.

Crafting this tool make sticks and planks of wood, iron ingots, gold, diamonds, or rock.

flint and steel

Flint and steel in Minecraft.

Flint and steel are two great Minecraft tools that have many uses. They can be useful for fighting different mobs, as they cause creatures to burn to death. Additionally, it is possible to burn animals to get cooked meat, which saves us from having to go through the oven.

However, the best use of flint and steel is to “light up” the portal to the Nether, which is essential to beating Minecraft in survival mode.

The pickaxe, the most iconic of Minecraft

The pickaxe is, without a doubt, one of the most important tools for survival mode in Minecraft.

There’s no denying that Minecraft wouldn’t be Minecraft without the pickaxe. It is the most useful and iconic tool in the game and it is well deserved. It is one of the first tools that every player has to create when entering a new world in survival mode.

Too many blocks require the pickaxe to be mined, many of these from pickaxes made from specific materials. For example, diamonds cannot be mined with a stone pickaxe, we will need an iron pickaxe, mining ancient shards requires a diamond pickaxe, etc.

Another extremely important tool, the ax

The ax

The ax is an incredible tool thanks to its enormous variety of uses. Although it is better to use other tools for combat, the ax is the only one that is really effective for PVP and mobs. Technically speaking, the ax is stronger than the swords.

Therefore, the ax is a very useful weapon and tool. It is possible to extract wooden blocks at a great speed and on top of that it serves to defend ourselves.

the torches

The torch

Sooner or later we are going to end up in a pretty deep dungeon or cave, daylight can’t help us here, how can we fix it? Thanks to the torches, with this tool we can illuminate dark caves, although it will also allow us to see where we are. It is quite easy to get lost underground, placing several torches will help us locate ourselves in these complicated situations.

The craft table

The craft table.

What would we do without a craft table? Yes, absolutely nothing. Thanks to one of these tables we can create an innumerable amount of things, tools and varied elements. Nothing is worth collecting at all if you don’t have a crafting table.


It is important to sleep well in Minecraft.

Another considerably important element that may not seem like it at first, but helps a lot in the progression of the game. When we want to build our house or base, at nightfall it can become somewhat complicated. More than anything due to the darkness and the appearance of monsters that can eliminate us quickly. By sleeping in a bed, we make the night pass immediately and we can enjoy the day again. Where we can build our home and collect resources without problems.

Compass, ideal not to get lost

The compass helps us locate ourselves in the game.

To finish, we find the compass, as we advance in the game, we will move further and further from where we first appeared and, possibly, from the place where we built a farm or our base of operations. The distance that we can cover can be extremely great and getting lost is something too simple.

The compass not only shows us where north is, but also points in the direction the player appears (could be a bed). Therefore, this tool is very useful for finding paths and, above all, the most important, the way home.