Dogecoin developer who abandoned coin announces return to foundation

A Dogecoin lead developer who recently left the project has announced his return, holding a role in the founding of the meme coin and indicating that he remains allied with the project. Cryptocurrencies are peculiar, as they are network transaction technologies with a fully decentralized character. Therefore, much of the work involved in building these systems is unpaid, with the project’s fans themselves collaborating in it. Of course, most end up having some remuneration at some point, but what matters is that this work is relevant to the maintenance of these networks, especially by programmers with experience in the sector, which is indeed a rarity to find. In the case of Dogecoin, a programmer from the project announced his departure in recent days, causing fear in many. Ross Nicoll was one of the programmers involved and held the position of Director of Dogecoin Core, but on February 16th he announced his departure from the project, citing among various reasons a great stress.

“I will be moving away from Dogecoin, for several reasons. Mostly the stress involved is overwhelming and I need to take a step back to focus on myself for a while.”

Dogecoin Director Leaves Development, Returns as Advisor

Last Thursday (24), the Dogecoin Foundation announced that the now former director Ross Nicoll, who recently left, is returning to take up an advisory role. This foundation was reactivated in 2021. According to the entity that plans guidelines for the future of Dogecoin and has even indirect collaboration with Elon Musk, the former director planned his departure a year ago and will continue to collaborate for the future of the project, but now in a new position. “While this is news to many in the community, Ross made his intentions clear to the Core developers nearly a year ago and has been quietly working behind the scenes to create a sustainable transition to his role in the Dogecoin project.
With that in mind, Ross was instrumental in re-establishing the Dogecoin Foundation in 2021. The Foundation was created to ensure Dogecoin thrives in the future through a diverse ecosystem of projects and teams, working collaboratively to make Dogecoin a sustainable cryptocurrency at long term.The Dogecoin Foundation has stated that it does not consider Ross’ departure a loss, but rather that he continues to defend the meme currency, which he intends to follow in the long term as an alternative for sending money.

What is Dogecoin’s mission?

The Dogecoin coin came about, as the manifesto itself states, as an accident in the cryptocurrency market, which makes people laugh. Its origin makes it the first meme cryptocurrency ever created, although many have been generated in the last year. Even so, created in 2014, even before Ethereum, this cryptocurrency has already attracted a lot of attention around the world and is the favorite of Elon Musk, the richest man in the world who defends the DOGE project as a currency. Thus, Dogecoin’s current mission is to establish itself as a way to send money over the internet, paying more attention to network security and low fees for value transactions in this environment. One of its creators, Billy Markus, has come to ask in recent days that Twitter accept Dogecoin for sending small amounts between users, but it is not clear if there is any study for this in progress.