Dhahab Sports (DHS) has entered the crypto market

Dhahab Sports (DHS) is a Utility Token that democratizes relationships in football, bringing unique and scalable opportunities to sports lovers, athletes, sponsors, investors and more. The sports industry has recognized the potential that cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology provide to further monetize fan engagement, attract sponsors and engage a global market in ways previously imagined. Passionate fans, all citizens of digital technology, consume sports and related materials beyond the duration of a contest. Athletic teams, clubs and organizations are innovating to thrive in the new digital age and meet fan expectations.

Dhahab Sports (DHS)

With a focus on career management, Dhahab Sports Management is a sports agency run by sports experts representing high-performing football talent at all levels of competition. In addition to over eight years of experience, hundreds of international transfers have taken place with top clubs in the Americas, Europe, the Midwest and Asia. Dhahab Sports (DHS) has experts in physical education, postgraduates in sports training and a variety of other complementary courses in the fields of sports, bodybuilding and education on its executive board. As a result of this extensive knowledge and experience, the platform has managed to establish strong working relationships with practically all clubs that compete in the A, B, C and D series of the Brazilian Football Championship, allowing Dhahab Sports to have access to clubs that compete in the first, second and third division series of state championships. For financial support, Dhahab Sport has a set of football players.

brand ambassador

Marcos dos Santos Assunção (Marcus Assunção) was appointed brand ambassador for Dhahab Sports. He is a former professional football player in Brazil. He is a central midfielder and was previously known as a free-kick specialist of international fame. He represented Brazil at international level on eleven occasions between 1998 and 2000. Now he is in the Dhahab Sports team!

Work by Dhahab Sports

In addition to acting as an intermediary and consultation between athletes and clubs, Dhahab Sports is responsible for the global management of all federative and economic rights. The platform partners with various football schools in various countries to engage with youth players, as well as provide advice to the best clubs and companies in the world. The Dhahab Sports portfolio comprises 21 top-level athletes managed through two offices, one in Rio de Janeiro and the other in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Dhahab Sports football player

When it comes to forming new businesses, finance is the elixir that allows the company to take advantage of growth opportunities. The Dhahab Sports platform has 21 extraordinarily competent and experienced football players on its financial backing list. They are specialists in a specific position, such as left winger, defender, goalkeeper, etc. Dhahab Sports has five forwards, two defenders, two defensive midfielders, three left wingers, one right winger, two goalkeepers, a central attacker, two Left Attackers and a Defensive Midfielder, an Attacking Midfielder and a Central Midfielder. Currently, Dhahab Sports is in the IDO phase. Let’s discuss the importance of IDO.

Importance of IDO for Dhahab Sports

Dhahab Sports is now in the IDO phase, which indicates that its cryptocurrency token offering will be held on a decentralized exchange (DEX). Liquidity pools (LP) are essential in IDOs because they provide liquidity after the assets are sold. A typical IDO allows users to lock in funds in exchange for new tokens during the token creation event. Some of the funds raised are combined with the new token to create an LP before being later returned to the project. IDO will provide an easy and low-cost method for Dahab Sports to distribute its tokens.

Dhahab Sport is now in the IDO phase.

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