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Cryptocurrencies move in billions in February


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Cryptocurrency investors are excited. The Bitcoin Market registered the unprecedented mark of 10 billion reais transacted on the platform – and this only in the month of February. There were more than 5 million operations, including purchase, sale, withdrawal and deposit of money and cryptocurrencies. Compared to the same period in 2020, there was an increase of over 680% in the financial volume and over 450% in the number of transactions. The 23rd of February registered the largest amount operated, with 332 million reais, and number of transactions (196,406), after the Bitcoin price reached 320 thousand reais on the weekend and registered two days of sharp decline. According to Fabrício Tota, from the Bitcoin Market, the variation in the price of Bitcoin was one of the factors that influenced the large volume of negotiations. “This movement is natural and price fluctuation is expected. Unpredictability is a feature of Bitcoin that can either follow a path of upswing or correction. In any case, the ecosystem is increasingly mature, responding to variations and moving, and it presents possibilities beyond Bitcoin”, says the expert. Also read: Clumsy decision of Fachin it changes the political game and reinforces polarization. Even with concessions, the government sees Emergency PEC as institutional gain.
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