Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

In an interview with the CryptoAdvisor team, Steve Ehrlich, the co-founder and CEO of Voyager Digital, talked about Bitcoin's position as an inflationary hedge, the rise in altcoins in 2022 and how publicly traded cryptocurrency is capitalizing on the growing popularity of NFTs. Here's what the expert had to say about the latest problems in the cryptocurrency world:  

1. You've talked a lot about Bitcoin hitting the $100,000 price point. What are some of the main factors that will determine Bitcoin's performance to reach this level?

As cryptocurrency adoption continues and inflation concerns mount around the US dollar, we expect the value of Bitcoin to continue to increase over time, especially given its inherent scarcity with only 21 million Bitcoin left to exist.

It's only a matter of time before Bitcoin is used as more than just a store of value (it's already considered "digital gold"), but also as a currency for use in everyday purchases and transactions.

More people – retail investors, companies and institutions – are increasingly comfortable investing and trading with Bitcoin. I believe these positive sentiments around Bitcoin will continue to trend upwards as adoption continues.

2. Loyalty programs and customer acquisition initiatives are at the heart of what separates Voyager Digital from its competition. How do you see the role of rewards in attracting customers to the platform in particular and in promoting the adoption of cryptocurrencies in general?

Crypto is a tool that helps people accumulate wealth and gain financial freedom, and we want everyone to have access to it. Unlike traditional assets, cryptocurrencies with proof of participation inherently reward their holders. That's why Voyager offers rewards just for holding certain cryptocurrencies, making receiving those rewards easy and seamless.

Our Loyalty Program attracts customers because members receive reward incentives, cryptocurrencies back in their trades and much more. We are attracting consumers to our platform because the rewards we offer are significantly greater than what people can get by keeping their money in a traditional bank or brokerage.

By providing rewards, we're helping people make money and build wealth, while also promoting the adoption of cryptocurrencies because we make it easier for people to participate in cryptocurrency markets. Our app is extremely user-friendly and simple, and people can sign up and start trading in minutes.

Everything we do at Voyager, whether it's offering rewards or more products, is to help drive greater cryptocurrency adoption and truly create cryptocurrencies for everyone.

3. Voyager's quarter-on-quarter performance this year has been a reflection of widespread volatility in the cryptocurrency market, with currencies hitting historic highs in May, falling in June and July, and experiencing a rebound to pick up in the last month or so. How do you rate the performance of the cryptocurrency market in 2022, especially with regard to the growing focus on altcoins?

New and emerging industries such as cryptocurrencies are by nature volatile as they move towards conventional adoption. Volatility attracts people, investors and technologists who drive adoption, and as it grows, volatility naturally decreases.

This has been a very positive year for cryptocurrencies because of the dominant attention the industry has gained. People are much more familiar with cryptocurrencies now than they were a year ago, and are starting to consider currencies other than the major ones (Bitcoin and Ethereum).

2022 was a boom year for altcoins that are riding the wave of cryptocurrency adoption, and we continue to add altcoins to the Voyager platform based on the growing demand.

4. Voyager is at the forefront of introducing new tokens on the platform, including Fantom, Avalanche and AMP. What process does Voyager perform before listing a token, given the lack of clarity in the current regulatory environment?

Voyager performs a rigorous verification process before listing any tokens. We ensure a thorough review process to ensure we list coins with solid credentials, fundamentals and teams with the potential to benefit our clients.

5. Speaking of tokens, you recently listed Axie Infinity (AXS), the native token of the famous NFT gaming platform. With the growing focus on NFTs and the metaverse, how does Voyager plan to capitalize on these spaces?

We believe that cryptocurrencies are not only the future of finance, but also of games, art and culture. With the rise of NFTs, we recently listed AXS and also invested in Particle , a platform that allows anyone to own some of the world's greatest masterpieces, collectively participating in the art market through NFTs.

The Particle divides each artwork into 10,000 unique NFTs or "Particles", each with its own proprietary title stored in the blockchain. Once a buyer purchases a Particle, he or she receives a digital certificate, or collector's card, that represents its owner's specific ownership of the artwork.

Voyager loyalty program members will first have access to purchase Particle's highly anticipated debut NFT collection. As part of our product roadmap, Voyager plans to provide exclusive access to NFTs for our more than 2.7 million users.

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