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THE Crypto.coma platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, announced that it will deposit the equivalent of $20 of cryptocurrency USDC (US currency-backed stablecoin) in a wallet in the name of whoever participates in a share. The award is the result of a partnership with empiricusthe largest financial publisher in the country, and emerged to enable new investors in cryptocurrencies to be exposed to the high potential for appreciation of the bitcoin (BTC) and other digital currencies. The indication of cryptocurrencies with potential for appreciation will be made by the Empiricus team. To participate in the campaign and redeem the bonus, simply click here.

Redeem your 20 dollars worth of cryptocurrencies and start investing

THE empiricus is the largest independent analysis house in Brazil and has more than 400 thousand subscribers. Its mission is to democratize financial education and bring investment recommendations to more and more Brazilians. In doing so, it also helps people who are still wary of investing in the cryptocurrency market by attracting more subscribers. In the same line, the is the fastest growing cryptocurrency platform in the world and today serves over 10 million customers. Like Empiricus, the company also search for new customers in Brazil who wish to invest in cryptocurrencies. Together, the two companies want to expand their investor base. And for them, that $20 worth of cryptocurrencies makes no difference in view of the potential that can be brought in by these new customers. It’s an investment in marketing. But on the investor’s side, that amount can be crucial: it’s your chance to expose yourself to a highly profitable market. without having to take any dollars out of your pocket. Click here to find out how to redeem your money. And if you’re still not sure about that profit potential, the Vinicius Bazancryptocurrency analyst at empiricuscites some reasons to believe that these new appreciation cycles are yet to come:

Reason 1: The “Sharks” Have Arrived

The successive appreciations of bitcoin finally began to attract the attention of “sharks”, that is, institutional investors. And that, for the asset class, changes the whole game. After all, we are talking about people, companies, banks or investment funds that have millions and even billions to invest, managing to influence the market. One of the personalities that has been consistently investing in bitcoin is the billionaire Elon Musk. According to, the entrepreneur’s electric car company, Tesla, invested about $1.5 billion in bitcoin in February alone. In addition, companies such as Microsoft and banks like Goldman Sachs are also betting on crypto.

Reason 2: Bitcoin Could Reach $100K

despite the demand of bitcoin have increased considerably with the entry of “institutional”, the offer of bitcoins dropped. The cause of this was a phenomenon called halving. This event takes place every four years and makes the generation of new bitcoins halve. The scarcity generated by the halving causes an overvaluation of bitcoin. Be yourself:

Source: Empiricus In the first halving, BTC experienced an appreciation of 8,438% in the 12 months after the production drop. It would be like turning R$ 12 thousand into more than R$ 1 million in just one year. And, despite being smaller, this feat was repeated four years later… In the second halving, bitcoin surfed 2,875% appreciation. At this very moment, cryptanalyst Vinícius Bazan believes that we are going through the Bitcoin’s third major bullish cycle. In his view, this phenomenon can easily lead the cryptocurrency to reach $100,000. In other words: those who are buying cryptocurrency today still have a chance to surf the long-term appreciation of bitcoin. The analyst even argues that this is a good time to buy crypto-assets, given that the market is falling and the prices of good digital assets are discounted. Due to the fear of many investors, in partnership with Empiricus wants to deposit $20 in USDC cryptocurrency so that they get their feet wet in this market, without risk of losing their own money. By clicking on the button below, you have access to Vinícius Bazan’s full explanation of how this campaign will work and how to redeem your benefit:
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