Copy Trade on Bitget is a way to generate passive income

Bitget is one of the most important exchanges in the world and offers its users the opportunity to trade in a very innovative format, which is the copy trade. This type of investment concerns the activity of acting in the market by copying the operations carried out by a trader in a specific market, ensuring that you can earn income using the knowledge that investors apply when making choices for their operations.

The results of this type of action can be measured in a very concise and very objective way, because by investing in this format we manage to have, in a proportional way, the same results that a trader who invests years of his life exploring the crypto-assets market will have, but without the same efforts, thus generating totally passive income. At Bitget, trades made in copy trades are specifically made available for the futures market and there is even the possibility of configuring which pairs will be copied from a trader that you wish to follow. Interested? To operate in this market through Bitget, the process is quite simple:

On the top bar of the platform, you should access “Copy Trade”.

Once this is done, you can then sort the traders that are highlighted by the exchange as you wish and then click on the “Follow” button. It is worth remembering that the platform limits the maximum number of followers that each trader can have. So, when choosing yours, be quick!

Now, just log into your account through your smartphone, accessing the application through the QRCode to be directed to the investment page!

How to know which investor to choose to start a copy trade?

Accessing the Copy Trade page on the Bitget website, you will be able to see a menu that allows you to choose according to which criteria the exchange should show its investors, such as rating, followers, ROI, Total P&L, NLP of copiers and, finally, AUM

This data is also shown in each trader’s box. When choosing, consider the following factors in your analysis: ROI refers to return on investment. At Bitget this data is shown as a percentage, which is accumulated since the trader started on the Copy Trading platform. This is the most relevant data for each of the investors. Total P&L, in turn, refers to the percentage of profit or loss that the user has had since joining the platform. NLP is the relationship between profit or loss of your followers. AUM is the amount of assets under the trader’s management. To make your first investment in this modality, follow the steps below:

Make your registration and verification by SMS. Or, if you already have a brokerage account, log in.

Then access the Copy Trade page on the top bar of your screen. Then select a trader that has the data you are looking for.

Carefully read the Bitget Copy Trade contract and confirm if you agree.

Determine which settings for your investment – ​​which has an initial value of 10 dollars, which you must deposit and transfer to “Futures” – and confirm the setting.
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